Masterclass – Ihre Garderobe : die Lobby Ihrer Seele ?

masterclass event training elegantealchimie allureetelegance revelervosforces vivreavecelegance eleganz stil

👌 You impact at first sight thanks to the ideal outfit !


🎯 It is definitely a good start and means a lot by revealing who you are.


😵 Choosing it in a second is a dream, an utopia, a stroke of luck ? Make it happen !


✅ To learn about yourself, to accept your weaknesses and reveal your strengths
✅ To color your wardrobe, your state of mind and spice up your life
✅ To embody who you really are with elegance and dare to think, walk and live with style


💯 Rima Nouri invited me to talk about wardrobe, allure and elegance as part of her „Change your home, change your life“ masterclass. An honor !


🤔 And you, does your wardrobe reflect your soul ?


👊 Tell me about it ! Empower yourself ! I support you.

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