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What if the first impression you give of yourself is the right one ?

by Carine Landau

Et si la première impression que vous donniez de vous était la bonne?
Conseils en image, allure et style

My commitment

You have only few seconds to make a good perception. Use them effectively ! My name is Carine, I know how to combine business and style, performance and harmony. I support you both, Women & Men, to shape your own image and makes it impactful ! With me, you will gain confidence and efficiency to meet success in your life ! My commitment is based on :
  • my expertise as international and experienced Image Consultant
  • a broad knowledge of environments and codes : finance, automotive, fashion & media industry
  • a benevolent and respectful support.
  Be confident by being yourself ! Be impactful with your style ! Gain this extra value that make you unique !
Be on the driver seat of your success !

My services

Une occasion particulière

  • Son dressing à changer
  • Faire une photo professionnelle
  • Se préparer pour un entretien
  • Choisir la tenue parfaite

Un changement de look

  • Créer un nouveau style
  • Construire une nouvelle image
  • Assumer et incarner votre réussite

La French Touch

  • Connaître les basiques
  • Maîtriser la French Touch
  • S’offrir un shopping 100% French Touch
  • Change your dressing room
  • Get a professional picture
  • Prepare your interview
  • Select the perfect outfit
  • Create a new style
  • Build a new image
  • Embody your success


  • Start on the essentials
  • Secure to become a pro
  • Enjoy a 100% French Touch shopping

For who ?

Pour lui

Pour elle



They trusted me

Ils m'ont fait confiance



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