Working with an Image Consultant

Taking the opportunity to work with an Image Consultant is going ahead of your future. The experience has definitely proven its worth. Do you want to get involved in this new adventure ? Get started but think carefully about who you’re going to work with? So make up your own mind. Take ownership of her/ […]

The Parisian

The Parisian is a mystery of style. It combines originality and simplicity. How does she do it ? What if she would reveal some of her secrets ? This paint is obviously valid for Ladies & Gentleman. The Parisian Who’s the Parisian ? Why does she fascinate so much ? Why would we give her […]

The elegance

“So chic !” “Wouah !“ Your eyes turn to that person. But how is s/he managing to do it? Achieving elegance requires to work on your image, to embody this almost indefinable subtlety. I will explain you my definition of elegance. I will show you why is it so important and tell you how to […]