Style Atelier – Who is the Parisian? Powerfull & elegant on heels

Atelier Style – December 14, 2023 The Parisian remains a mystery that fascinates Women all over the world. She reveals her charismatic personality in her iconic look & through her attitude and body language. It’s now time to take the place she deserves! As she wears her favourite pair of shoes, she shares her best […]

3 challenges for 1 superhero

Business & Team leaders, you face many people and challenge, time flies. You have many decisions to make, in short, everything has to flow naturally. In order to maintain the pace and demanding way of life, the question might arise: how do you combine efficiency & authenticity – as I like to say performance with […]

Style Atelier – Special Men – Who is the Parisian? Attitude & body language

Body language

Atelier Style – October. 26, 2023 – Exclusively for Gentlemen You asked for it. Your exclusive evening is finally here, Gentlemen! The Parisian remains a mystery that fascinates Men – and Women – all over the world. Who is he? Who are you? Say it loud with your body language! Discover the Parisian and rediscover […]

Why does it feel so good to take a breath?

Your job is really demanding. In order to stay on course and achieve excellent results in the long term, this summer break, holiday or not, is essential. Taking a break will allow you to step back. Stay in top form! So here are my top 10 reasons to take time to breathe – literally. 1. […]

Style Atelier – Who is the Parisian? Attitude & body language

Atelier Style – September 14, 2023 The Parisian remains a mystery that fascinates women all over the world. Once dressed in her iconic look, the Parisian reveals her charismatic personality. Be inspired by her attitude & body language and embrace these tools as your own strategic negotiation skills. Who are you? Say it loud with your body […]

Take the place you deserve: my 10 good reasons

You’re incredible! Expert, passionated, talented, you have many gifts deserving to be highlighted. Taking the place you deserve means finally feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing how to face the world while standing up for yourself when you need to. Finding your place also means not letting opportunities slip through your fingers. Do […]

Style Atelier – Who is the Parisian? An iconic look

style look guide workshop carine Landau juin 2023

Style Atelier – June 15, 2023 Our Guests are Queens, well actually Presidents of their life, since we met in the Presidential Suite at Sofitel Frankfurt Opera! Stepping back is not just a recommendation, it is a necessity, allowing you to: ✅ see things from a different angle✅ gain in indulgence… and confidence✅ find the […]

The workshop, your tool for success

The workshop is a key tool for the successful development of your teams. Find out the four good reasons for planning a training session around the image. With a workshop, you will: support your team to embrace change demonstrate resilience protect or rebuild your reputation increase your efficiency Successfully managing change Change is about moving […]

The 10 public speaking tips for an authentic leader

Public speaking is a crucial exercise in a professional life. It can be experienced as a dreaded challenge or a pleasant journey. Absolutely not innate, training support you to chase away this stage fright and make you rock the stage. This exercise is for you whether you need to speak in meetings, assemblies or in […]

“I feel alive!”

Based on my experience, I have created this experience for you, the Atelier “Hell on heels? Not anymore!” 100% dedicated to Women. Discover the recipe of a Parisian on the go, treating herself with concern, elegance and comfort. My recipe to empower yourself Here are the ingredients you need: Two pairs of shoes: the realistic […]