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Collective support programs


The ‘Covid period’ has not been easy for anyone: eliminate its side effects on your teams, take advantage of this opportunity to re-establish your connection with them and ensure your employees return to the office with pleasure

I offer the program "Codes of professionalism at work", in the form of interactive and fun workshops for your teams


Regain connection with your teams by knowing how to motivate & create connexion between them, and how to attract & retain new employees. Strengthen team spirit and the confidence that your employees have in your company and project

I offer the program "Adherence to company values", a program adapted for the management team which can be expanded to other teams


To ensure the long-term success of your business, question yourself and listen to your teams : it may sound simple but it isn’t easy. Establishing such mutual trust can be learned!

I offer the program "Agile construction of new company confidence amongst teams", to ensure long-term performance thanks to team commitment based in fun and interactive workshops

For a company

We can achieve together


• Recreate social ties and return to the office after COVID
• Stand out from the competitors
• Optimize the production of corporate photos and videos of employees for social networks and create a common thread between them
• Manage successful customer & partner negotiations



• Reposition yourself in your new market
• Create your corporate identity, from your dress code to your image policy
• Unify your corporate dress-code & image policy
• Represent and manage your partnerships & events


• Respond to inclusive diversity needs
• Integrate multiculturalism into your company

Example of a program "Trust in your company".

With what expectations?

• Create a more cohesive multi-cultural and multi-skilled team
• Retain new talents full of potential while bringing your team further
• Make your team increase their performances by increasing their sales objectives

My solution

• Definition of a team image policy with the dress-code as
• Workshop on a common problem to improve collective performance
• Games to increase team spirit and photo-shooting of its members
6h: Work on a common image policy
10h: Workshop on styles, body shapes and color palettes
4h: Photos


• Increase of team cohesion
• Greater awareness of self-image and self-confidence felt by every individual
• Increase in the rate of commercial acquisition
• Personalised challenges along the process
• New workshop created specifically for you according to your current need

Price of the service:
From 3,600€ + VAT

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