Executive programs

Business & political leaders, I welcome you to discover my solutions for your image.

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Executive programs


Your role involves many challenges. Know how to represent your company, your status and your commitment. Play your role with responsibility.

I offer a tailored "Leadership Branding" program


Know how to balance the perception of your ambitions and those of your values

Your authenticity and your empathy will become efficient naturally

I offer a "Boosted Leadership" program, to help you to express yourself with serenity and conviction, right from the outset!


Self-confidence is like a muscle, it should be taken care of, even as a leader !

Go and find in yourself the capacities to face new challenges, to question your business to improve it, you will emulate and become a real source of inspiration !

I offer a "Leading by example" program, to review the image you want to give to your company


We can achieve together


• Presenting yourself and highlighting your strengths
• Know your body shape & adapt your wardrobe accordingly
• Take an impactful photo & video
• Convince from the first minute
• Succeed in your interview
• Going on stage with confidence
• Develop impactful body language


• Define your color palette & brand identity
• Master your style & enhance your personality
• Save time & manage stress


• Increase self-confidence
• Understand cultural differences & adapt to them

To whom this program is aimed for? A CEO

With what expectations?

• Know how to present and represent
• Stand out
• Gain in presence

My solution

1h : Introductory & discovery meeting 
3h : Session focussed on style & body shape
3h : Color palette & corporate identity session
6h : Gait & body language
3h : Dressing check
4h : Shopping


• New leadership, better team support, excellent customer feedback
• Greater impact and self-confidence
• Time saving on a daily basis to adapt your look to professional situations

Price of the service:
Count 3.000€ + VAT for the entire service

What this business leader thinks

Because of my responsibilities, I have to assert a certain style, a certain aesthetic and reflect what is expected to be a business leader.
Florian Chiron
President of the association Expatriation Allemagne

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