Consulting for professionnals

Why did I set up these services?

Facts speak for themselves


of managers confess that clothing play a decisive role in evaluations


of Europeans have gained weight


of employees have confidence in their leader


of French people planned to change jobs

Find or keep your place in a professional world full of adversity

Find your place and even more find pleasure in 'going back' physically to the office, despite a lack of self-confidence increased by an absence of social contact

Know how to create a conducive working environment to personal and collective development, even if some employees seem to see greener grass elsewhere

There are solutions for individuals and groups to 'turn the tide' and generate confidence in the future and in themselves!

How can I support you?

My vision

I propose you to address the issues faced by employees and companies through the lens of image or self-image.

It is the image we have about things which determines our own perception of the world and of our lives

It is the image we give to the people we surround ourselves with which creates the image others have about us

Just as each perception is unique, so too is each person or company's brand image

"Image is essential for your success, it must be mastered."

My mission is to give you the keys to master your image, express a new professionalism and develop a new relationship with your environment.

You will find a new form of self-confidence which lets you look forward to the future with accomplishment!

My project is built around providing support for professionals, individuals or companies, their leaders, their teams, their employees, as well as students who want to enter the labor market and all those who have pragmatic questions on the right attitude to have in a professional context.

How can you enhance your skills of showing your professionalism?

How can you get pleasure in what you do based on who you are?

How can you create trust on a long-term perspective?

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