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Train and develop the skills of your employees. You increase your customer satisfaction while creating a sense of belonging for your teams.

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Make the whole company aware of the effects of Covid on social unity within the business, and of the dangers of lacking professionalism for the company image. Regain control over these natural but harmful phenomena for the performance of your business

I offer the program "Master the image and visual identity of your company", focused on workshops and conferences


Cultivate your organisation’s reputation in line with the perception within the company. Your employees are your best ambassadors outside of work: make sure they share this brand image

I offer the program "Participatory definition of image policy within your group", which allows you to shape an image policy based on language and common objectives, with the aim of positive external perception


To make your company really successful, take risks, question your paradigms and work on company perception amongst employees in order to establish genuine mutual trust

I offer the program "Agile construction of new company confidence amongst employees" to ensure long-term performance, from the leadership to the whole company

For a workshop or a conference

We can achieve together


• Be impactful and groundbreaking also on screen
• Empower Women: find a balance between professional and personal life
• Create your Personal Branding : look, corporate language, environment
• Embody professionalism through your look
• Know how to walk with elegance & heels
• Define colors & brand image


• Be yourself
• Tell me what you’re wearing and I’ll tell you who you are


• Keep in touch with the realities of the labor market
• Create trust & recognition

Example with : "Hell on heels? Not anymore!" for Team events

With what expectations?

• Increased team spirit 
• Better self-knowledge and therefore increased self-worth

My solution

• Workshop on a specific theme
• 4 complementary themes throughout the year
Content: 90 minutes workshop


• Valuation of assets
• Better customer approach
• Team spirit and feeling of belonging

Price of the service:

  • Topic 100% personalized
  • Consideration of your team’s issues
  • Creation of a Whatsapp group


From 890€ per workshop

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