For a demanding and beaming woman

Une occasion particulière

Change your dressing room

To optimize your wardrobe

Check out your wardrobe and tune it according to your new wishes! Together, we sort out, we optimize, we combine and we find the right accessories. We review your priorities and improve your clothes weekly routine. We identify your essentials and we work on your stylish basics. I propose you the smartest and the cheapest way to change your dressing room.

My offer to you with this service:

  • Simplicity: you optimize and review your wardrobe to save time on a daily basis
  • Smartness: you combine outfits and you take into account social and manner codes of your environments
  • Efficiency: you adapt your look to your demanding and weekly outlook
  • Application: you receive a mini shooting book with all outfits and a list of the missing pieces


From €180

Select the perfect outfit

To show a sharper look

Have the key outfit for your event! I check for you shape, color and style in harmony with your wishes and social codes you’d like to reflect. Make a good impression at first glance whatever the occasion: wedding, elegant event, interview, a business casual weekend. I select for you the best outfit to highlight you.

My offer to you with this package:

  • Smartness: Save your time, your money and your nerves!
  • Impact: Gain attention to feel good and to glance!
  • Self-confidence: Be yourself with a look in harmony with your intention
  • Option: I can support you for the shopping session


From €180

Get a professional picture

To secure a professional image

Get full attention! Optimize you profile attention on social networks, on resume, on website or business brochures with a professional picture. Every detail counts and make it natural fitting your personality but with professionalism. This picture is delivered by professional photographer, all included in the heart of Frankfurt at the place of your choice.

My professional photo shooting with style contains:

  • Selection of the matching outfit
  • Make-up
  • Body language training
  • Choice of location


My offer to you with this package:

  • Long-term vision: Enhance your visibility with a professional photo
  • Customisation: Guarantee your return on Investment with your unique picture
  • Efficiency: Gain credibility and professionalism
  • Exposure: Start to create your own personal branding


On request

Un changement de look

Create a new style

To match your lifestyle

Be styled is not gift, you can learn it because everyone needs to find his own style. Discover yourself to better discover your personal value and your own style: lengths, proportions, materials, cuts, styles and colors to enhance you. Match your personal style with your professional needs and private environments. My advice includes outfits, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, glasses, missteps to avoid and make-up.

My offer to you with this package:

  • Morphology: Master your shapes to wear the perfect fit
  • Individuality: Assume your personality
  • Color palette: Choose the ones that highlight you
  • Guaranteed effect: Combine authenticity and wouah effect


From €360

Build a new Image

To meet the requirements despite your busy outlook

Your image is your business asset. Be your best ambassador! You only have few seconds to create a good perception. From your outfit to your pace, your body is your ally. Far from betraying you, it reveals you. Represent yourself or your company with adequacy and balance. Wear the shapes, colors, style, codes which fit with who you want to be.

My offer to you with this package:

  • Self-confidence: Be impactful from the first seconds, on & offline
  • Awareness: Reveal your potential, assume your status, be your best business asset
  • Balance: reflect your intention in all social environments by being yourself
  • Creativity: Develop your inspiration, be creative on a daily basis and inspire your teams


From €360

Embody your success

To radiate at 360 degrees

Working your image depends on your outfit and your looks. It is also how you see yourself. Dare to look at yourself kindly and value yourself properly. Let’s work on your self-esteem, the perception of others, your needs for valuation, with a positive discourse.

My offer to you with this package:

  • Balance: Speak true and positively
  • Efficiency and modesty: Combine authenticity and success
  • Action: Make your profile visible, don’t scroll
  • Sustainability: Think long-term for your career


From €360

La French Touch

Start on the essentials

To ensure. Dare this “Je ne sais quoi”!

To go on stage, but also on a daily basis, to represent your company, your look is under observation. Introduce yourself with elegance. Discover the French elegance! Complicated? What if you could do those little things that make all the difference?

My offer to you with this package:

  • Understanding: Master your gestures and mimics
  • Confidence: Be in control of your pace
  • Mastery: Don’t let the chance decide
  • Uniqueness: Stand out from the crowd


From €360

Secure to become a pro

To impact. Stand out naturally

Your gestures, your movements, your mimics say a lot about you. Optimize your image and stand out from the crowd. Master the codes of the French Touch. Work on your natural manners and make a good impression, the right one. Know how to move with lightness, ensure your steps of nonchalance in all circumstances, erase grimaces and tensions. Wear your favourite heeled shoes with style ! Between theory and practice, at the place of your next strategic appointment, tame this approach and make people listening to you, work on your body language and know how to catch the attention of your audience!

My offer to you with this package:

  • Insurance: Be sure of yourself, dare
  • Impact: Get attention
  • Phlegme: Keep your countenance whatever the circumstances
  • Learning: Be ready on a daily basis and under stress
  • Individuality: You are unique, express yourself with authenticity


From €360

Enjoy a 100% French Touch shopping

To feel the French Touch. Enjoy the experience!

Going on a shopping weekend for you, as a couple or with friends has been on your to-do list for years? Enjoy a weekend in a fashion’s flagship city to do your guided shopping. Head to the boutiques of Strasbourg, Paris and Cannes! Discover the best fashion addresses and then the local ones for the rest of the weekend.

What I am offering you with this exclusive shopping session:

  • Time: Go straight to the point in the right shops
  • Discoveries: Experience the secret addresses of the premises
  • Freedom: Be guided thanks to my expertise and not from commissions from brands
  • Pleasure: Shop & dare to try new options
  • Savings: Avoid not appropriate purchases
  • New: Discover yourself from a new perspective


From €540

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