Take the place you deserve: my 10 good reasons

You’re incredible! Expert, passionated, talented, you have many gifts deserving to be highlighted. Taking the place you deserve means finally feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing how to face the world while standing up for yourself when you need to. Finding your place also means not letting opportunities slip through your fingers.

Do you want to take on new responsibilities, inspire others and live your life in harmony with who you really are?

Then dare to take this place, yours. Discover the 10 good reasons for me to encourage you to dare to make your mark. Like my guests, take the plunge!

1. Be in tune with yourself

Taking your place allows you to be in tune with yourself. First of all, do it for yourself. Every morning, depending on your intentions and mood, you start your day on the right – or not so right – track.

Do you want to reach for the sky? You’ll do whatever it takes to get there, starting with dressing in your powerfull look with a big smile on your face. It can also be that you’re you fed up with everything? You’ll look grumpy, with small eyes and choose an outfit accordingly, making your forgotten.

What’s your mood right now?

Your mind has a direct impact on your level of performance.

2. Find the appropriate message

You tell your story through your person. From your daily life to your most important appointments, you say a lot… without saying a word. Don’t forget, no one is inside your head.

So know how to lead your audience. Your look and body language go hand in hand with your mood, whether positive or dull. What do you want to tell them?

Help people to understand you through the signals you send out.

3. Gain self-confidence

Taking your place requires a certain amount of self-confidence. Lacking this confidence means letting feelings of insecurity get the better of you.

While facing yourself, you don’t always (enough) dare. Your thoughts are negative. You doubt your own abilities. Your gestures may be awkward. You’re at a loss for words. It doesn’t have to be like this. Finding the right tone in the way you express and present yourself is a work in progress.

You deserve not to be frustrated because you didn’t dare to make your point, to take your place. Has this ever happened to you?

You too can speak out! Assert yourself.

4. Develop your self-esteem

You care about your projects. You fight for them. You have great ideas. What you lack might be recognition of your worth. Is it supposed to come from the very people who never give you a chance to speak? Then, take it!

Whatever causes you defend, they’re worth it. Give them visibility. Spread the word. What is the project you’re most passionate about right now?

Fight for the things & people who matter!

5. Make a first impression

It only takes a few milliseconds to make one’s mind about someone. If the impression is wrong, it’s very difficult to correct it. If you make a good first impression, you’ll have every chance of succeeding in your meetings and fulfilling your ambitions.

Find your place. Find the right tone and look that will open the door to your success. How much time do you give yourself to persuade people?

People need milliseconds to make a first impression... And that impression lasts!

6. Know yourself and the other person

You‘re at least two in a discussion. Being understood is key. Knowing what the other person is saying allows you to communicate effectively. You are in control of the message you send. You can adapt your response.

To communicate, you need to know yourself… without forgetting the other person. Have a reading grid. You will be able to understand, interpret and decode in order to find the appropriate response, both in terms of body language and with the associated words. Do you know how to decode the person you’re talking to?

A reading grid gives you the keys to a successful negotiation.

7. Be inspirational

While entering into a room, you’re watched, conciously or not. Your look and body language show that you are paying attention to your message. You show respect by making sure you fit in and respond to the expectations of this appointment.

In addition to your situational intelligence, you become a source of inspiration. Those around you benefit from your charisma. You attract and hold attention according to the values you communicate. Do you know your values?

Create this inspiring atmosphere to obtain the commitment of your Team and Parners.

8. Respond to your ambitions

A new opportunity has arisen. You have a meeting with a major client, a potential recruiter, a key partner. Get ready for it! You have an appointment with your future. Make the most of this opportunity and fulfil your ambitions. You deserve to grab it! It’s not just for those who would be “stronger” than you. Who are they to dare to say it?

Be ready to seize the opportunities!

9. Unlock the (IM)possible

“No one can achieve the impossible”. True enough! However, if you want it, you can do it! Step by step, build your path and create those “chances”. Make your future happen. Dare to remove those two letters from the word impossible to create your very own possibility. Move forward.

What’s your next step?

Reminder -
« Rome wasn't built in a day! »

10. Savour this gift

Life is a journey. It’s a precious gift. Far too short for remorse, your range of possibilities is within your grasp. Act now! There is no ideal age or path. There is only yours.

It’s never too late. So make the right decisions since you, alone, will decide your future! It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Live life fully!

Based on the premise that life is a gift and deserves our utmost attention, I invite you to take your future into your own hands and take your rightful place.

Is it challenging? Nothing happens by chance, so yes, it is. Is it achievable? It certainly is. Take this compass and dare. Your future depends on it, and so does your self-fulfilment.

Taking your place allows you to assert yourself while respecting who you are. Because your goals are all different and unique, never compare yourself. With confidentiality and care, let’s talk about your projects, those impossible ones, and, together, let’s reach for the sky. 

Grab your compass and fulfil your highest ambitions!

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