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Next Style Atelier at the Sofitel Frankfurt on 2 July 2024 at 6 p.m.

You do know them already! Or not yet? Here they are, the Style Ateliers

Created in collaboration with the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera, these Ateliers are must-attend events to combine professional development with networking.

We combine learning and networking in an exclusive format that serves your success.

Develop your professional potential

Make some noise! Achieve your ambitions while feeling great in your body, mind and reflection!

Make noise! And what happens when you can’t? Society demands this contact. The immediacy of information makes our image visible 24/7. Can you present your best self while staying true to yourself? Absolutely.


Unleash your power. Be confident, impactful and visible… while remaining yourself!

My clients don’t always dare to speak up, show or reveal themselves. Yet, they have so much to say.

So, let’s find solutions to stay true to yourself, respect your need to communicate in your own way, and unleash your voice… without a word.

Meet your next professional partners

The Style Ateliers are actually created for you and by you, thanks to all your questions, our shared experiences and achievements since 2022.

Experience this personal event where you will benefit from the energy of a supportive group to progress personally and together in an exclusive atmosphere.

The Sofitel Frankfurt Opera and I are partners in your challenges and successes.

You probably know networking events that offer you the opportunity to discover new content, meet interesting people, or participate in Q&A sessions.

But have you ever attended an event that combines all of these, putting you at the center of the action?

The Atelier programme

NEW, an event for both Ladies & Gentlemen.

Four pillars accompany you:

🎯 The POWER of your outfit

🎯 The POISE of your body

🎯 The PLACE you take in your environment

🎯 The PERSPECTIVE of your mind

1 meeting for 3 hours offers you:

– Content designed for you

– Step-by-step learning

– Practical application

– Tips to take home

– For daily and practical use

– Independence from previous Ateliers

– Exclusive exchanges between our Guests

– New contacts

– A well-deserved break in your week

– Enhancement of your self-confidence

– A positive view of your successes

– A gourmet buffet

– A glass of champagne… or several

– Pleasant surprises

– Potential tax deduction

What you gain:


A unique event created for you!

Take this opportunity and meet us at the Sofitel on July 2, 2024, from 6:00 PM.

149€ incl. VAT per person
for early birds until June 23

249€ incl. VAT per person for latecomers.

What do the participants have to say?

Here are some questions to guide you in organizing this evening.

Confirming your place offers you great content dedicated to you, the appreciation of your strengths, a fresh perspective from our guests, but also a break in your week, learning that you can reuse at home, answers to all your questions with champagne, petits fours and macarons.

I invite you to plan for 3 hours.

Each Atelier is unique. The program is made for you, based on the latest questions from my clients. You benefit from a new perspective on each question, team dynamics and discover new guests. The evening promises to be full of discoveries. I promise!

The Style Atelier is a first approach. You benefit from a supportive environment and the external perspective of other guests. I recommend it as complementary and independent of our individual program.

Age is just a number. Did you know that? My guests are between 16 and 75 years old. So, the ideal age does not exist! You are my guest and have the right age, with… more or less wisdom.

You have strengths that I would be happy to identify and reveal to you. Moreover, take this evening to discover them through the eyes of our guests. They will undoubtedly confirm my impression.

Your right to data protection will, of course, be respected. The communication surrounding this event allows us to offer you a highly competitive price. Photos will likely be taken by our team and/or the guests themselves.

Of course, your well-being is our top priority. If you do not wish to appear in the photos or videos, let us know, and we will make the necessary arrangements. Thank you for your understanding!

We invite you to pay by bank transfer.

Absolutely! Coming with a friend allows you to feel safe and in your comfort zone from the first moments. We will ensure to introduce you to all the guests, anyway. Be sure to reserve according to the number of available places.

This workshop is a call to reveal your strengths, meet fascinating personalities and take a moment for yourself.

So, are you ready to unleash your power, be confident, impactful, and visible… while staying true to yourself?

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