Style Atelier – Who is the Parisian? An iconic look

style look guide workshop carine Landau juin 2023

Style Atelier - June 15, 2023

Our Guests are Queens, well actually Presidents of their life, since we met in the Presidential Suite at Sofitel Frankfurt Opera!

Stepping back is not just a recommendation, it is a necessity, allowing you to:

✅ see things from a different angle
✅ gain in indulgence… and confidence
✅ find the space & the place you deserve
✅ in short, shine!

So welcoming our Guests on the 6th floor is a blessing! So magical!

The programme?

🎯 A breathtaking view
🎯 Delicious champagne bubbles and canapés
🎯 A homely atmosphere in a luxurious setting
🎯 The Parisian
🎯 Our great team 100% feminine.

Around key questions:

💡 How do you create a wardrobe that reflects your personality?
💡 What are your essential pieces?
💡 What if your dressing routine was fluid and intuitive?
💡 What if wearing an outfit could sent the right message?

An exchange with the head in the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground to meet the demanding requests of our Guests, incredible and modern Women from so many different backgrounds.

What about you?

Is getting dressed:

  • A burden
  • One more thing to do in the morning
  • A well-managed routine
  • An opportunity to express yourself
  • A pleasure?

Thanks to our dear Guests, for their trust, interest and active participation and to Sofitel Frankfurt Opera for giving us wings, 48grams for taking care of us, Blumen Time for covering us with flowers, in short, for making us invincible while keeping our particularities & differences!

The next step?

To give movements to the Parisian, the next invitation is launched. The Parisian will be back on 14 September 2023 with her « Attitude & body language ». 100% feminine event.

Gentleman, it’s almost your turn! See you on 26 October. Stay tuned…

You too, do you want to enjoy an evening with your head in the stars while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground to achieve your goals?

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