Carine Landau

The first impression counts

What are you doing with these strategic seconds ?

Discover who I am and how I can help you.

Thanks to my expertise as an international negotiator acquired between India, Great Britain, France and Germany, I reveal to you how your best tool of persuasion is yourself !

I master the codes of many fields for having worked for them

From banking to automotive industry, from media to fashion and consulting, I wandered from Bombay to Paris with London in between, before settling down in Frankfurt

I am your ally to conquer your future thanks to my business oriented mind linked to my Parisian flair. I bring together for you fashion and business to empower your success !

I want to enhance the look of each of you. By one detail, by this “little nothing”, I show you how you must shine and this, without much effort

Because dressing is a daily task that no one escapes, because walking is such a banal act, I suggest you to turn these occasions into opportunities and say much more through your allure

Are you ready to work on your image to reach your full potential ?