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I got way more than what I came for, I got something a lot deeper, something much more authentic and true.
Valérie Saintot
Lawyer, Adjunct Professor, Mindfulness Teacher
On the topic "How to convince in professional video calls?", I thought it was great how Carine combined her knowledge of clothing and general appearance.
Unica Peters
Project Responsible & Press
Because of my responsibilities, I have to assert a certain style, a certain aesthetic and reflect what is expected to be a business leader.
Florian Chiron
President of the association Expatriation Allemagne
Carine has a very good feeling for people, what they like and what they need.
Carole Schrömbgens
Marketing Director, Cosmetics
I think the result is always perfect because Carine has this attention to detail.
Marie Preaud
Carine is very sensitive to others. It made me recognize how important it is to feel confident in your own skin, and the impact it has on how you present yourself.
Élisa Neumann
Talent Acquisition Manager

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The needs of my clients are unique and concrete, their expectations regarding my solutions have been the subject of a project defined and successfully carried out together. Here are some examples of topics I have been consulted for:

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