The French Touch

Start on the essentials

To ensure. Dare this “Je ne sais quoi”!

To go on stage, but also on a daily basis, to represent your company, your look is under observation. Introduce yourself with elegance. Discover the French elegance! Complicated? What if you could do those little things that make all the difference?

My offer to you with this package:

  • Understanding: Master your gestures and mimics
  • Confidence: Be in control of your pace
  • Mastery: Don’t let the chance decide
  • Uniqueness: Stand out from the crowd


From €360

Secure to become a pro

To impact. Stand out naturally

Your gestures, your movements, your mimics say a lot about you. Optimize your image and stand out from the crowd. Master the codes of the French Touch. Work on your natural manners and make a good impression, the right one. Know how to move with lightness, ensure your steps of nonchalance in all circumstances, erase grimaces and tensions. Wear your favourite heeled shoes with style! Between theory and practice, at the place of your next strategic appointment, tame this approach and make people listening to you, work on your body language and know how to catch the attention of your audience!

My offer to you with this package:

  • Insurance: Be sure of yourself, dare
  • Impact: Get attention
  • Phlegme: Keep your countenance whatever the circumstances
  • Learning: Be ready on a daily basis and under stress
  • Individuality: You are unique, express yourself with authenticity


From €360

Enjoy a 100% French Touch shopping

To feel the French Touch. Enjoy the experience!

Going on a shopping weekend for you, as a couple or with friends has been on your to-do list for years? Enjoy a weekend in a fashion’s flagship city to do your guided shopping. Head to the boutiques of Strasbourg, Paris and Cannes! Discover the best fashion addresses and then the local ones for the rest of the weekend.

What I am offering you with this exclusive shopping session:

  • Time: Go straight to the point in the right shops
  • Discoveries: Experience the secret addresses of the premises
  • Freedom: Be guided thanks to my expertise and not from commissions from brands
  • Pleasure: Shop & dare to try new options
  • Savings: Avoid not appropriate purchases
  • New: Discover yourself from a new perspective


From €540

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