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Madame Le Figaro has contacted me about an article to be published in early 2024. I’m delighted to be able to share my vision for guiding the good resolutions of the coming year in a caring and practical way. Let me tell you about my experience, from the first contact to the photos.

A promising start: my invitation by Madame Le Figaro  

My inbox is full of good news and challenges. That day it will be very good news! Madame Le Figaro team wants to meet me.

So I respond enthusiastically to this team. I reread my email 10 times because making a spelling mistake in front of a team of journalists would be a bad start to our relationship. We arrange a call. The meeting is guided by this colleague who tells me about her proposal: a week on the front page to illustrate the change in well-being. She wanted someone who worked between Paris and the French Riviera. My international profile had been on the table of fashion journalists for some time. So it’s a done deal. They need recent photos taken by their photographer and an interview with their journalist.

Family heritage: the source of my image consultancy expertise

My knowledge of Figaro Magazine goes back to my childhood, when the magazine took pride of place on my grandmother’s living room table. Around this pretty table, where we used to have aperitifs, was this stack of magazines, from Paris Match to Madame Le Figaro. I may have glanced at them a few times, but the most admiring glances were for my grandmother. From her respect for everyone, to her attention to the details of the carefully laid table, not forgetting her benevolence, my grandmother had this elegance of spirit and action.

I’d have liked to call my grandmother and say: “You know what? Figaro Magazine wants to meet me!” but I can only do it in my head. She was a business owner, like me, a very caring and loving mum, both for her children and for what she did, very involved in the development of her shop. My grandmother sold happiness, chocolate, gifts to give and to cuddle herself. She made life beautiful. My chocolate box today doesn’t have the same flavour, but my heart is full of the lessons she taught me.

carine Landau -nanie

The key to success: preparation and professionalism

I have a phone call with the journalist. I’ve prepared an outline of my message:

I'd like to talk to her about the heart of my business, about my Guests, business leaders and senior executives who want to showcase their expertise and leadership with authenticity.

I put my negotiation skills and fashion experience at their disposal. My guests shine, taking the spotlight on stage and in their everyday lives.

The international dimension plays an important role, as my guests are not only French and German, but also Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, American, Russian and Brazilian. Our tools are the choice of clothing and body language for an effective communication.

So we talk about individual sessions, working on style, colours and shapes, taking into account habits, codes and the treasures hidden in their wardrobes to conclude, if necessary, with a shopping session.

We round things off by involving the teams in workshops created for them, online or face-to-face, in the office or in prestigious inspirational locations.

I base my recommendations on the personalities of my guests, their habits, their environment and their diaries, so that I'm well aware of their key appointments.

Ive been talking for a long time. Now I’m waiting to hear what the journalist has to say. The interview is in the box.

How to make a professional photo shoot a success: personalisation and emotion.

You know my attraction to the visual, obviously in the service of the invisible. So let’s illustrate my daily life with a Parisian photo shoot.

To start with, what message do I want to get across? I want to illustrate the business world and its need for performance. For a successful equation, I add my own touch, namely personalisation and emotion. The ingredients must complement each other naturally.

The location. Where else can you photograph Paris and get ‘performance and elegance’ in the same shot? Thanks to my talented team, I’m inspired. Katherine, who’s in charge of my website and its communications, will tell me where to go. She’s quite right. And more specifically? The efficient Nasrine, my communications asset in Paris, suggested that I start on the esplanade. So we’ll meet there.

So, what outfit will illustrate my wardrobe and my vision? I’d like a look that reveals my universal, humanist work and my personality. I want to bring together the two worlds that I’m reconciling: business and fashion. The use of colour, the play on codes, the illustration of each person’s uniqueness all need to come together.

So there will be two looks: one pink and one blue, one strict – and yet – and one more casual. The complexity isn’t over yet: I have to bring these looks to Paris without – too many – creases, and my time will be very limited. I need to be able to change my clothes quickly and – almost – anywhere.

I’m opting for black suit trousers and a pink blazer with a blouse that moves with the changes of scene and mood. I’ll be wearing very comfortable black pumps and my so loved pink bag, 100% me. For the second look, I want to play with codes and bring dark jeans into the equation. I’m complementing it with a suit jacket, again mismatched. I’ll be wearing blue pumps.

The make-up is simple and practical!

When it comes to body language, I ‘just’ have to be relaxed and myself. For that, I know that everything is ready. I’ll have the invaluable support of Nasrine. She’ll fix the locks that are theirs.

The secret tip for D-Day: spontaneity in the face of the unexpected

Anyway, the big day arrived. It was early November, and the weather was not looking good. It was raining. It was windy. No matter, I know this session has to happen. I don’t have a magic wand. I just have to make the best of it.

I arrive at the meeting point and Nasrine and Wellignton, our photographer, are there. No turning back now. But the wind is blowing. What will it be like?

Nasrine explains the starting point to the photographer. And off we go! The photo shoot begins. Wellington shows me a few shots. Not that bad. I stop thinking.

I know I’m happy to be here. It’s an incredible opportunity. It will be an illustration of my work for my friends and faithful Parisians. I figure I’ll need five photos for the article. We should manage it… well I hope so!

Then, a change of scenery. We walk up the central aisle towards the Grande Arche. This pink building with its multicoloured lines catches our eye. The setting is nice. I‘m worried about my hair and make-up, but Nasrine tells me that “everything’s fine”. So we carry on.

A trial with the Grande Arche, we don’t have enough distance. It’s raining too hard. We asked for permission to enter a building, so we took refuge there. We take a few photos as a duo, with Nasrine as my guest. We play with colour contrast. We try it in front of my public. The light was bad. We finished the session outside. Despite the wind, the light was much better. A few more clicks and we’re done.

We select the best shots. Willington and Nasrine give their opinion. We select around thirty.

Perfect! All that‘s left now is to choose the lucky winners for the article.

This photo shoot is an example of effective teamwork. Thanks to my crack team, I was able to relax. Nasrine brought me her kindness as well as her artistic talent. Willington captured the moment despite the bad weather. Katherine highlights the article. Sandra will relay it on social media. I know how much difference it makes to have the right people around you!

So, here we are. I’ll be waiting. With you. I can’t wait to read the journalist’s interpretation of my vision. I’m looking forward to seeing my experiences and feelings translated through her words.

Want to know what happens next? So do I! Stay tuned. I’ll be telling you all about this adventure in the next chapter, very soon.

A tailor-made service for maximum impact

Do you dream of shining at your next professional photo shoot? Discover how I combine elegance and performance to transform your visual presence. Whether you’re an executive, company director or looking for a fresh image, my personalised approach is the key.

Photo shoots are a must. A strategic moment, it allows you to illustrate your profession, your person and your vision. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The best results are achieved when preparation and spontaneity are combined. Preparation helps to reflect the desired message. On the big day, naturalness will take over, and that’s obviously recommended.

You are unique, and your image should reflect that uniqueness. My consultancy sessions, enhanced by advice on choice of clothing and body language, are designed with you in mind, so turn these few snapshots into a business card that reveals your professionalism and uniqueness.

Contact me for a personal consultation and find out how together we can make your personality shine.

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