Dress for Success: Tips for the perfect professional look

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To support their professional association promoting female leadership, several companies have called on me to work on the issue of professional looks.

Whether feminine or mixed, these answers are for you. Whether you’re in a group, interacting with others or on your own, my sessions are all fun and games. Come and take a break from your busy week.

Start in style: the importance of professional dress

What you wear gives meaning to your daily life and reflects your professionalism.

So get off to a good start and give meaning to the mundane act of getting dressed. This first chapter on the ideal outfit to wear raises its share of questions. I’d like to give you a brief overview of the major issues raised by some of you, for the greater satisfaction of your whole team.

Who am I? How can I appreciate myself to the full? How can I represent my company while remaining true to my personality?

Workshop by JP Morgan

Everyday decisions: the power of choosing the right outfit

The impact of your clothing choices on your effectiveness and well-being

You’re an expert, you’re efficient, you perform well. You put others before yourself. From your family to your team, you are the last wheel in the carriage. You’re a role model and a guide. By giving so much, you don’t know where to start. Especially as each of us makes between 5,000 and 50,000 decisions a day. So you might as well make the right decisions, right away.

How can you get dressed quickly every morning, once and for all? This subject has caught your attention because it’s an everyday, commonplace need. So you’re sitting here with us, starting your breakfast. The question is on everyone’s lips. You’re the first to ask. You’ll see, the questions will follow.

Optimising your wardrobe: the keys to a perfect professional dressing room

Simplify your morning routine with an organised, adaptable wardrobe

Your wardrobe is full to bursting and you’ve got nothing to wear: too small, too cool, not enough you. Your wardrobe is just like you. It’s full of treasures that you can pull out one by one. Have a common thread, all your highs combined with all your lows. All you have to do is pick and you’re guaranteed a good pick.

To get started, immerse yourself in your wardrobe and remove everything you don’t want to wear. Lighten up. Eliminate the items you don’t spontaneously go for.

Then focus on your favourite pieces. Give them pride of place.

Defining your personal style in a professional environment

Finding and refining your style for a perfect match between personality and profession

Who am I?  Style is the affirmation of your personality.

“I didn’t recognise myself in my clothes”.

You’ve evolved. You’ve become the captain of your life. Think about what’s important to you. What are your priorities? What are your values? Do you love yourself? Identify 3 key words that define you. Let’s say “courageous”, “honest” and “hard-working”. We find ourselves in a tough financial environment. So far, so good. Uprightness and the associated commitment are essential to you. You find yourself in the demanding environment in which you work. It suits you. But how do you go about matching it with clothes? Do you feel good in a dress? Do you like pleats and embroidery? And what do people say about you? What stands out when they look at you? These questions will sharpen your thinking. We’ll use your wardrobe as a starting point. This evening, take a few moments to look at it. What do you see? We’ll use it as a basis for inspiration. We’re not going to start from scratch. So let’s revive it. Tomorrow, I dare you to wear a scarf you’ve lost in the back of your wardrobe.

Influencing your mood through your clothes: the psychology of dressing

Using your look to improve your mood and productivity

I’m in a bad mood. Can I improve my mood through my look?

You have two options. The purpose of your outfit is to represent your state of mind or to enhance it. You arrange the truth about yourself. If you’re tired, upset or sad, you’ll tend to wear grey at best, black at worst.

To look at your day from a new perspective and give yourself the chance to get through the challenges ahead positively, think about dressing in a cheerful outfit with colour, fun prints or adding an accessory you enjoy.

Sublimating your state of mind is positive for you and for those around you. You’ll limit reflections such as: “You didn’t sleep well. “You look tired. “Can you tell me what’s going on? The other person will leave you alone and you’ll feel better about yourself. It’s up to you.

So, let’s go for colour, while respecting your habits.

Home Office with style: dressing for success at home

The importance of dressing professionally, even when teleworking

I work from home. Do I really need to get dressed today, or can I just wear the right top?

Getting dressed puts you in your role. You embody your status.

Who is this message addressed to? First of all, to yourself. You are the first person to know what image you want to project.

Wearing an outfit is your first shield against the world. Are you guiding your mind to remember who is the boss here? You are.

Between a suit and a jogging suit, I don’t throw either one away. The suit is certainly the outfit that makes you feel confident. The second, a sweatshirt and baggy trousers, are perfect for a team brainstorming session, to welcome your colleagues’ creativity and be open to communication. These pieces work together.

Yes, science says so, and psychologists Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky have tested it for us. You’ll be more effective in an outfit that represents your profession. We’d like to add that there’s no prohibition, just that a positive and appropriate work environment will help you achieve better results.

Your self-confidence strengthens your resistance to stress. You’ll realise and use the full extent of your potential.

Self-acceptance: dressing with confidence whatever your size

Tips for showing off your body and dressing with confidence

I wear a size that not everyone likes. How can I accept myself?

We’re always too this or too that. Who decides?

Magazines, social networks and advertising certainly give us a guilty conscience.

So I urge you to look at what inspires you and makes you feel good. Take a step back from these ideal presuppositions. In the end, the toughest judge is yourself.

I know that there are as many solutions as there are problems. Recognise what you like and what deserves to be in the spotlight.

To get started, make a list of your strengths and any weaknesses that need working on.

The first thing to change is the way you look at yourself. Some women are considered the most beautiful, like Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez. They’re not a size 36 and don’t have the standards of magazine models. They appreciate their bodies and play with them.

So the idea is to find out what would be the blocking factor for you?

The main perspective is your own, then that of those around you. What does your best friend say? And your life partner? They certainly like your uniqueness.

For perspective solutions, light colours attract, busy prints allow you to blur, the focal point, lines, different thicknesses of fabric, pockets and accessories will all play a part in blurring attention. That’s my area.

Embodying corporate values through your outfit

How your outfit can reflect your company's values while staying true to your style

How can I represent my company while staying true to my personality?

You are unique. Your company wants to retain your uniqueness, creativity and efficiency. So stay true to yourself and know what makes you so special.

Of course, your company wants to represent its values, to be identifiable, and if this could be done through you, that would be ideal. To do this, you need to be committed to the company project.

To illustrate this commitment, perhaps you’ll agree to wear items donated by your company, such as T-shirts, tie clips, shoes, caps or any other item chosen by your marketing team? They know how to be creative!

You can also wear your own outfit while adding your company colours to your laces, belt or scarf, for example.

In this way, you respect the codes while imposing your own style. Be creative!

You could inspire your colleagues to do the same.

Dress for Success, a daily commitment

Conclusion on the importance of dressing sensibly for professional success

These questions are yours. They take place throughout the “Dress for success” workshop. The subject has been chosen to respond as closely as possible to this issue: “I dress every day. I might as well get it right once and for all!

We met to talk about your priorities and those of your colleagues, your shared ambitions and the difficulties imposed by our society.

So yes, during your next lunch break, you too can come and push open the door and take advantage of a learning experience created just for you, or ask us to deal with a subject that is close to your heart.

Image is a vast subject. From the ideal outfit to body language, the subjects are numerous and meet the demands of your daily life. The next chapter is waiting for you.

So you can get your busy day off to a flying start.

Online, face-to-face at the office or in an exclusive location at one of my partners’, I can offer you a tailor-made solution.

My innovative, pedagogical approach offers real interactivity, saves your teams time, and sends out messages that you wouldn’t necessarily dare formulate directly yourself, so that everyone can rise to their own challenges and meet their personal ambitions and those of their group.

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