Why does it feel so good to take a breath?

Your job is really demanding. In order to stay on course and achieve excellent results in the long term, this summer break, holiday or not, is essential.

Taking a break will allow you to step back.

Stay in top form! So here are my top 10 reasons to take time to breathe – literally.

1. Calm your body, this barometer and switchboard

Getting involved and committed shows your dedication. It also supports you at key moments when you need to be at your best. The only problem is that in the long run, your body will suffer from the stress. So take a break and breathe.

And if you don’t? Your body will remind you about it, and certainly far too late.

So breathe to bring more oxygen to your cells, lower your heart rate and reduce the tension in your body.

Under tension, your body suffers.

2. Relax your face

Stress usually finds its way to your hands and jaw. Let’s start with your teeth. Your teeth grind. You can’t articulate properly, your speech isn’t clear enough. Allow your face to relax. Your features will soften. Can you see the outline of a smile?

Think of something that makes you feel positive and relaxed, such as your last weekend with friends or a game of your favourite sport.

Associate your breathing with smiling. You’ll relax your face. You’ll be able to put your best foot forward.

Relax, you'll make the right decisions!

3. Soothe your mind

Under pressure, your brain focuses on the task at hand. You lose your creativity and spontaneity. A robot seems to have taken over your emotions.

Freeing your mind allows you to better connect your neurons. As you know, your left brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa. By facilitating this exchange, you will benefit from a better osmosis and a true complementarity of your talents. Be bold. Anything is possible.

Connecting the two sides of your brain makes you more efficient.

4. Make the most of these key moments

You know those moments when you want to be anywhere but not there, right here, facing your audience?

You need to take a step back, breath and regain control. Let the adrenaline fuel you, not hold you back.

So, whether it’s a public speech, a photo shoot or even a discussion with your team, know how to… breathe! You’re expected. You’ve been meaning to go, so now’s the time. You’re ready. Go for it!

To prepare yourself, let’s keep in touch!

Adrenaline is there to bring out the best in you.

5. Be indulgent

You’re demanding. But you live under pressure. Your level of performance is not going to last unless you take position. Remember, results are good, but long-term success is even better! Take a break from the pressure. Take a breath.

Analyse the steps you’ve taken. Stepping back will help you realise and remember how far you’ve come. You’ve done it. Now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Reward yourself. Think about what you would do if you had an hour, a day or a week to yourself! Go for it.

Reward yourself.

6. Assert yourself

Stepping back allows you to affirm who you really are. What should we remember about you? What message do you want to send?

Reveal yourself while preserving what belongs to your secret garden. Assert your style. From your attitude to your choice of clothes, you are unique and incredible. Let people know about it!

Your attitude and appearance reveal who you are.

7. Dare to step out of your comfort zone

You love what you do. You’ve been doing it for years. But you don’t feel like being part of it anymore or don’t see yourself in it for the next few years. Act now!

Your life is your own. Choose the path you want to take. Define your goals and dare to step out of your comfort zone to achieve them. 

Taking a breath and slowing down, even for a few hours from time to time, will allow you to ask yourself the right questions. Maybe it’s time to surround yourself with the right people who can support you in revealing yourself?! My Guests say it so well.

Join forces to go further, faster!

8. Use the language of colour

You receive signals all the time, whether it’s from your phone, the myriad of personal and professional solicitations, from unsolicited advertising, or from your connections with colleagues, clients or partners.

You send messages too. Know how to support what’s important to you by sending a defined, clear and consistent message.

Colour is an incredible tool for saying a lot and keeping it short, at last!

Colours have a language of their own.

9. Reveal yourself through your posture

Your body is a gift, given to you by Nature to support you in every battle! Without transforming it, in order to better accept and respect it, I invite you to get to know it better. Breathing calms it down.

A tense body sends a message of tension. Your shoulders are slumped. Remember to breathe while moving your back slightly away from the back of your chair. Get support from your legs and buttock. Give your body some space. Think ahead. It’s worth the effort!

Watch your posture.

10. Define your red thread to ensure your balance

Your mind, body and heart are all one. Taking the time to breathe, to pause, allows you to step back, to know better what is important to you, to renew yourself and to be in balance with all the concerns in your life.

Your mind will be refreshed, your body will relax and you will be able to enjoy yourself with the people who are important to you or even meet the one who will conquer your heart when you are ready.

Create this promising thread!

Align your mind, body & heart.

Breathing, pausing and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of your life is essential to find your way and balance. This will open the doors to your success.

You are incredible! Whether you’re on holiday or not, make room for these moments of peace. You will then finally reveal who you are!

This step back will allow you to come back in top form to conquer your future successes!

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