3 challenges for 1 superhero

Business & Team leaders, you face many people and challenge, time flies. You have many decisions to make, in short, everything has to flow naturally. In order to maintain the pace and demanding way of life, the question might arise: how do you combine efficiency & authenticity – as I like to say performance with elegance?

Here is my remedy. I invite you to put on your superhero outfit, to let your body speak and to give yourself that incredible power...

I believe in practice. So I offer you three challenges for the superhero that you are. When we work in an individual or group programme, these challenges take place between our sessions. The time for reflection allows you to create new habits. Here are these challenges.

Challenge 1 – Wear your superhero Look

Getting dressed is a habit and a commitment. It can become meaningful and support your hero agenda.

Fluidising and finding your superhero outfit in seconds every morning is essential.

Did you know that you make between 5,000 and 50,000 decisions every day?

Your outfit is a statement, sometimes an armour, and for sure a revelation of your personality.

I suggest you take a few minutes out of your day to face this first challenge.

  • What is the outfit or outfits that are lucky enough to join you on a daily basis?

  • What is THE outfit that carries you and gives you wings when you need it?

Is it the same one? What is their connection? Do you have a signature look? Do you add an object that can be found in all your looks?

What is the red thread in your wardrobe?

  • Take your favourite outfit and play with it.

  • For example, keep the trousers and change the top.

  • Then wear your favourite look and change the belt and accessories.

The aim?

  • You wear a different look EVERY DAY.
  • You use more than 30% of the clothes in your wardrobe.
  • You streamline your routine.
  • You add creativity into your daily life.
  • You reveal your uniqueness!

Thanks to you great looks, you feel more relaxed on a daily basis, so you can perform and deliver when it counts.

Four elements come together to create your ideal look: style, body shape, colours and codes.

  1. Your style tells your story, your culture, your past and your aspirations.
  2. Your body shape is this precious gift from the Nature.
  3. Colours express themselves in an infinite number of combinations.
  4. Respecting the codes of your company shows your intelligence and esteem.

My ideal look has to be both comfortable and easy-to-wear.

  1. It is usually one dress, one piece. I like to express my uniqueness through the accessories I choose, such as earrings, a belt or a bag.
  2. My body is V-shaped, my shoulders are wider than my hips.
  3. My colours are blue and pink, my personal interpretation of the French flag.
  4. I adapt everything according to the meetings I go to.

I can't wait to get to know the hero inside of you!

We have an appointment in 21 days, after this necessary cycle to acquire new habits.

So, what does your superhero look like?

Challenge 2 - Use the so-called "forbidden" or controversial gesture

What your words say, your body has already expressed it. Take the time to observe what your mind is saying to your body and vice versa. Learn to feel. What happens when you are focused, proud, challenged?

You often ask me:

  • Where do I put my hands?
  • How do I hold myself?
  • I want to convince. What should I do?
  • Is it a good or bad gesture?

Your body speaks the truth. Don't let it betray you anymore!

These questions of the body expressing its full potential are a fascinating subject that I invite you to test… for yourself.

Let’s look at the meanings of these so-called “forbidden” or controversial gestures.

1. Cross your arms over your chest.

o How did you feel?

If this posture can shield and show a closed position, it can also allow your interlocutor to sit comfortably and listen to you attentively. Your interviewer may appear interested or relaxed.

2. Point out.

o   How did you feel?

This gesture is spontaneous. It allows you to show something. It is also intrusive and a sign of aggression. If you are looking for an alternative to show your enthusiasm and desire to explain your arguments, choose your whole hand. It’s more consensual.


3. Put your hands in your pockets.


o   How did you feel?

A sign of disinterest, your hands give up. They carry neither your arguments nor your desire to engage. When you are stressed, your nervousness is mostly in your hands – and your jaw. To relax, raise your hands like an aeroplane, tense and relax your fingers. You can also use an object to place your anxiety there. Putting your hands in your pockets for a few moments will allow them to rest and restore their strength.


4. Smile !

o   How did you feel?

A real tool, the smile conveys your satisfaction. It can also buy you a few precious milliseconds to answer a question. Smiling can also confuse and annoy a chat partner who wants to see you lose your temper. So we smile and move on!

Your body says a lot. Know your gestures of comfort, your gestures of spontaneous expression. What do you do with your hands when you speak?

Supporting your words with gestures strengthens your arguments.

With a bit of practice, your gestures will become natural. You are fully you… just with new good habits.

And you, are you ready to become your best negotiating tool?

Challenge 3 – Knowing how to appreciate a compliment

To accompany you, nothing better than a compliment!

Your life is a stage. You are under scrutiny.

Consciously or not, your interlocutors form an image of you. In short, be comfortable in your skin, chart your course and be ready to seize the opportunities!

As you know, it all starts up there, in your head. What does your psychic say?

Note your feelings, now, immediately… and later.

1. You are in front of others.

When was the last time you received a compliment?

  • What were you wearing?
  • What were you told?
  • How did you feel?

2. You are in front of yourself.

Think about the last time you felt good, comfortable, in tune with yourself.

  • What were you wearing?
  • How did you feel?
  • How did you spend the day? Were you full of energy? Were you more productive?

These feelings are personal. I love getting your messages telling me you have been complimented.

Personally, I value feedback from my customers. It touches me and pushes me to always find new solutions, adapted to everyone. It confirms my decisions, strengthens my positions, in short, it makes me stronger.

A compliment makes you invincible

I can’t wait to hear your story! And you, what can you do with this compliment?

You tell your story through the way you dress and the way your body expresses itself. You combine your thoughts, actions and words perfectly. You’re confident and ready to achieve your ambitions.

I invite you to take on these challenges again and again and I look forward to hearing from you.

You’re aware of your strengths and know how to make the most of them. You’re you… and you’re revealing what you want from your story, striking the right balance to preserve your secret garden while giving the best of yourself.

Through training, you will acquire new automatisms necessary for your success.

Would you like personalised advice for you and your Teams? You will benefit from challenges tailored to your needs.

Let’s make an appointment. I am Carine, your Style & Empowerment Mentor, supporting Leaders, Women and Men, to become their best communication tool.

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