Frequently Asked Questions

I'll answer you precisely

What do we work on together?

You! Your 360° image. You are your best communication tool. You are the best person to talk about yourself… and to get others to talk about you.

So, who are you really? What should we know and remember about you? How do you position yourself?

We focus on expressing your personality and affirming your professionalism through your clothing choices, complemented by an impactful attitude and body language, both online and in person.

Working together allows you to:

  • Wear your ideal outfit, day after day
  • Master your colors, style and body shape
  • Respect the codes of your organization
  • Illustrate your speech with an impactful body language
  • Speak with confidence and conviction
  • Establish a strong online presence while staying true to yourself

Why working with you and not someone else?

To combine efficiency, authenticity and creativity.

  1. I am a negotiator. I make you your best negotiation tool. You are the best person to speak about your expertise and commitments.
  2. Aligned, you speak with sincerity. Your personality is at the heart of my priorities. I put myself in your shoes to meet your needs.
  3. I bridge two worlds, fashion and business. I am results-oriented while bringing a creative and harmonious perspective.

You are your best negotiation tool! Reveal yourself. Shine.

What is your job called?

I work on your look through what is known as Stylism.

I work on your presence in front of the camera, on social media and for your company as a Media Trainer.

I handle your overall communication as an Image Consultant.

I am your Mentor in Style & Empowerment.

My job didn’t exist five years ago. I created it… for you and with you!

How does working together work?

Do you want to shine and you know that you are the best person to set the tone?

You are and remain in control from start to end. I am here to provide you with tailored solutions based on your current life, personality and future aspirations.

Choosing to work together means trusting each other. This journey will be full of surprises, driven by our mutual commitment.

  1. First, we discuss and you explain your issue, current situation and priorities.
  2. a. If we decide to move forward, I will design a program for you.

2.b. You can ask me any questions. Of course, this offer is a framework based on your needs at that moment. You remain the captain and the program adapts according to your priorities.

  1. We start the program.
  2. You can add more sessions at any time, according to your needs. If you already master one part, we move on to the next. I am here to achieve results, not to sell hours.

Let’s get started… at your own pace and on the path to your success!

When is the right time? I'm currently very busy.

Now! Consider our collaboration as an investment to simplify your life and enhance your performance. Far from being an additional task, our cooperation will guide you towards achieving your successes.

Delaying it means postponing the associated benefits and opportunities. By waiting, you’re actually wasting time and money. My clients say, “I should have done this much earlier!” So go for it!

How long does it take?

The hardest step is to start. That little voice saying, “I’ll do it when I’ve lost 5 kilos,” or other “good reasons” to delay, sometimes takes over. Working together will help you accept yourself as you are, finding the tricks that suit you to unleash your potential. So, no more excuses, working together is a journey.

Depending on your projects, the number of hours is flexible. I suggest you call me and we discuss it.

It's expensive!

How many times have you avoided a confrontation with your boss or clients and missed that salary increase request, that potential project that would have proven your capabilities and rewarded your work?

Staying in your comfort zone means letting opportunities pass by. The opportunities you create, the chances you seize and the successes you achieve will soon far exceed the investment you make in yourself.

I’m not even talking about the time saved each morning, the energy spent choosing the right outfit, targeted shopping and the money saved on items you previously bought but never wore or felt comfortable in. Invest these resources in your development.

You are your best ambassador. Bet on yourself, your success, your future!

Also, be aware that the costs may potentially be tax-deductible. In Germany, they are identified as Werbekosten. Seek advice from your tax advisor.

I hate pink. How can I be sure I'll like the chosen colors?

Your colors belong to you. Together, we define your main, pastel and neutral colors. Nature provides guidance through your hair, eye and skin color. We combine colorimetry with your personality, history and feelings to determine the ideal palette. This palette will make you look healthy and reduce redness or eventual flaws to make you shine.

Wearing color is also about embracing or enhancing your mood. The sky is gray and you wear your favorite color? Nothing wrong can happen. You shine! Prefer to go unnoticed today? Then gray might be your color, finally.

Dare to brighten your own day and that of those around you.

You are at the center of every decision and it will remain so!

Pink isn’t your color? That’s perfect, it’s mine!

I am not Parisian and know nothing about France. How will you find my style?

Are my age, location and profession determining factors?

You are unique! Your image is 100% personal, reflecting your personality, lifestyle and choices.

My clients come from all over the world: Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Turkey, China, Russia, and many other countries.

The international dimension is an integral part of the solutions I create for you, tailored to your needs, preferences, priorities, body and desires. Your response will be bespoke, with your uniqueness at the heart of my support.

While the Parisian man or woman exists, the myth of the perfect man or woman is entirely fabricated. Anyone who has discovered my work knows how the Parisian is full of flaws, and we love them for it! This could be me… and you!

Through tests and a playful approach, I question and challenge you. We analyze your history, what matters to you, what you represent and translate that into your image.

I am from Saint-Cloud, by the way, born precisely in Saint-Cloud. That’s part of my story. And you? Tell me yours!

Does this work for all body shapes and sizes?

Absolutely! Size is just a number. It doesn’t matter. The harshest judge is often ourselves, always thinking we’re too much of this or too little of that.

Together, we will focus on your strengths. Regardless of your size and weight, a bespoke solution awaits you.

In which language do we work? Can we work digitally?

I support you in English, German and French, or a mix of all three as you wish.

All programs are available digitally. Depending on your location and possibilities, I will suggest meeting in person at least for one or two sessions.

We can schedule our sessions during your lunch break, early in the morning or late at night. You will also receive assignments that can be completed in just a few minutes at your convenience.

I am also available 24/7 by arrangement. Let’s reduce your stress. Whether you need help with a question, choosing an outfit, or taking a daunting first step, you will be supported wherever you are!

You are the master of your destiny!

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