Elevate your team’s skills, boost revenue, and unite around a shared vision with our dynamic workshops.

Whether through full-day training sessions or interactive workshops, during lunch breaks or after hours, in-person or virtually, our programs are custom-tailored to your unique needs.

Empower your teams to embody excellence and exemplify your company’s values.

Together, we’ll define objectives, surpass ambitions, and foster a culture of continuous growth.

From executives to frontline staff, empower every member to become a standout ambassador for your organization.

Team coaching isn’t just for your internal team—it’s also designed for your collaborators, clients, and partners.

Together, let’s harness collective potential and drive success at every level of your business.



Image is a strategic tool to master 24/7, in person and digitally.

Enable your teams to represent and present your company with excellence. 

Offer your partners and clients a unique experience.

Highlight your collaborators, partners, or clients. They are the guarantors of your success.

How to convince from the first minute.

Turn every discussion into a potential negotiation.

From a one-on-one meeting to speaking at a conference, they will develop their skills to express themselves with confidence.

Manage their stress.


Our services are adaptable and combinable, tailored precisely to your needs.

In a world where every company is unique and schedules are packed, I present a turnkey solution designed to alleviate your burdens.

Our services are adaptable and combinable, tailored precisely to your needs.

When you choose to embark on a workshop with us, we embark on a collaborative journey, prioritizing your challenges according to your specific objectives.

I craft content exclusively for you, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your requirements and objectives.

The focal point of our approach is maximizing the impact of your image across every dimension—from refining your wardrobe to enhancing your physical, media, and virtual presence.

Together, let’s ignite the core of your brand’s reactor and unleash its full potential.

Popular topics include: Dress for success, Hell on heels? Not anymore!, Body positive, Conviction & cooperation, Digital image, Icons.


In Paris, Frankfurt, and Cannes, with alternative locations available upon request,

we offer flexible meeting options tailored to your preferences:


Digital or in-person: Whether it’s at your office, a prestigious partner venue, or virtually, we accommodate your choice of setting.

Convenient timing: Schedule your session over lunch or in the evening to suit your busy schedule.

Flexible duration: Choose from half-day sessions spanning 3 or 4 hours, with optional lunch or snacks provided by our partners, or opt for a full-day immersion experience.

Explore the following key questions tailored to your needs:

Dress for success - Craft a polished look that mirrors your ambitions and propels you towards success.
Rock the stage! Master congruent body language to command attention and exude confidence, even in high-stress situations.
Confidence in every step - Step confidently into any space, asserting your presence with legitimacy and assurance.
The Parisian - Embrace the timeless elegance of French style and body language to elevate your personal brand.
Efficiency & Authenticity - Strike the perfect balance between efficiency and authenticity, showcasing your competence while staying true to your values.
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Would you like to offer your teams an international perspective?

Discover these destinations designed and prepared to support your success.

Paris, Frankfurt and Cannes.

Objectives of the Workshops

Grow your revenue

Develop your results

Cultivate a unified culture

Know yourself and others

Affirm your leadership

Find your mode of communication

Feel comfortable - both in your shoes and heels - to ensure success at key moments

Convey your message

Demonstrate congruence

Save time, money and stress