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Empower your students to confidently enter the job market with a sense of readiness and poise through our tailored conferences, workshops, and modules.

 By equipping your students and pedagogical teams with the necessary skills, they’ll become invaluable ambassadors for your institution.


Whether integrated into your curriculum or as standalone events, these sessions are meticulously designed to cultivate excellence and uphold the exemplary reputation of your school or university.

Let's collaborate to define your objectives and exceed both yours and your students' aspirations.

Mastering image is not just a skill - it's a strategic imperative, essential both in-person and online.

Your students and teams are the linchpins of your institution's success.

By enabling them to represent your school or university with excellence, they'll adeptly navigate every interaction,

from making compelling first impressions to confidently negotiating and managing stress.

Carine Landau enseignement formation à l'ICN


I offer a comprehensive, adaptable solution tailored to your university & institution program's demands and your ambitious goals

From image optimization in the daily-life to virtual presence, our focus remains on maximizing the impact of your students’ image across every dimension, ensuring they stand out in every professional encounter.

Popular topics include: Dress for success, Non-verbal communication, Conviction & cooperation, Digital image.

Immerse yourself and themselves in a transformative phase, conveniently hosted in Paris, Frankfurt, and Cannes, with alternative locations available upon request.

Choose from a variety of formats to suit your needs, including digital sessions, mentoring, traditional amphitheater settings, or at prestigious partner venues.

Whether you prefer a single-day session, a week-long intensive, or even a semester-length program, we offer flexible options to accommodate your schedule and objectives.

Embark on a journey of growth and development tailored to your preferences and aspirations.

Addressed questions

Defining one's message according to values and priorities
Identifying one's color palette based on the brand identity
Preparing for an interview, from attire to body language
Developing congruent body language and ensuring despite stress
Mastering one's style and valuing one's personality
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Develop their conviction with your partners

Increase their confidence

Meet their ambitions

Increase their salary

Affirm their leadership

Find their mode of communication

Feel comfortable - both in their shoes and heels

Demonstrate congruence

Carine Landau enseignement formation à l'ICN

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