The future requires a high level of education, I have a responsibility to transmit & give back.

Real situations but without real answers or concrete solutions

In order to be a future professional, you must be able to communicate with conviction and demonstrate general knowledge

his can be acquired, for instance, at university. Students must realize the importance of looks and effective body language, despite their lack of experience

How can you support students to enter the job market with calm and confidence, despite their lack of experience?

Thanks to my pedagogical approach, your students are perfectly prepared for the demanding job market

Join the universities and schools that have already chosen my modules. Be pioneers, your pedagogical offer will stand out from your competitors

Program for business school students


Students, are you starting out on your career? Define your own brand image based on your strengths and personal identity. I offer a complete kit for expressing who you are in order to stand out

I offer you a Program "Professional image from your first steps in the labour market" knowing how to express who you are from the first minute with certainty and conviction


Are you an educational institution in charge of training students in their careers? Define your own brand image based on your strengths and personal identity

I suggest that you integrate my "Image advice for their first steps in the labour market" modules into your educational program to ensure that they come out with the codes of success


Cultivate the reputation of your educational institution through its consistent perception by your students and their companies. Your students are your best ambassadors during their career : make sure they share this brand image

I offer you a program "Transmission of the educational values

Example of a personal development program for a class of business school students

With what expectations?

• A successful start into the labour market
• Convincing though their personality
• Master the codes

My solution

• Master your professional image in the business world 
• Be the Leader of tomorrow
• Create your ideal working life


• Impact on the performance
• Self-confidence
• Self-awareness

Price of the service:
On request

Hospitality Programs


Knowing these codes as guarantee of the right level of education essential to welcome VIP customers

I offer you a "Back to basics" program: codes, good manners, welcoming package (workshops & conference)


Illustrating harmony in your look and approach

I offer you an "Elegance" program


Customer exchange and contact with journalists, video support, TV show

I offer you a "Conviction" Program

For a school

We can achieve together


• Know the codes
• Hospitality and care
• Work on the first impression
• Send the right messages
• Assert yourself as a Leader
• Speak in public
• Develop leadership
• Convince through your own personality
• Implement an image policy


• Get to know each other & take responsibility
• Feel great in your skin


• Make a success of your strategic meeting
• Confirm your professionalism with your allure

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