“Less is more ” Game night – May 14, 2021

⚡ Less is more is an exciting subject. We have covered it with almost tears, but also joy and above all passion. It has lasted 2 hours but was still too short for the demanding coverage.

🍸🍹🍷 So as promised, here is our long-awaited bonus : our game night.

🧭 Live, to preserve your work-life-love balance, to meet love, to take care of your image and ask you the right questions, we have gathered for you our expertises :

• Find your soul mate with Shan (Susan) Xu 💖
• Maintain your sexual balance with Anne Marie Waelder ❤️
• Impact at first sight with myself 🎯

📌 We look forward to meeting you :

• on May 14, 2021
• at 20.00
• for a minimum of 1:30 games, laughter, doubts and answers to all of your questions on these hot topics.

🔥 One rule : come and dress “sophisticated & simple” for an event under the sign of caring for yourself and others, of discovery & of well-being.

🏆 A challenge has been mastered. Take it on and win our prize.

🏷️ Cost of the ticket per person : 50€ incl. VAT.

🛎️ The number of places is limited.

👀 Discretion is obviously mandatory.

😉 Looking forward to seeing you. Check out my partners here : Post | Feed | LinkedIn.

💌 Susan, Anne-Marie & Carine


💡 The subject is catching your attention and you want to organize an event for your firm ? Let’s get in touch !

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