One to One -Individual Coaching

Your role demands excellence and exemplarity. You inspire, represent, and embody your commitment. Meet your new challenges and guide your teams with efficiency and authenticity. Whether you’re a leader, manager or collaborator, you are the foremost ambassador of your company.

Individual coaching is tailored for you, your right-hand, trusted confidant, or your valued collaborator.


You are under observation. Between admiration and fear, your teams, clients, and partners scrutinize your every move. Because our society constantly puts you in the spotlight, be ready. Be yourself. Be congruent.

Individual coaching is for you, your right-hand man or your colleague.

You are responsible for representing & presenting your company with excellence.

You must convince from the first minute.

Every discussion is a potential negotiation.

From a one-on-one meeting to speaking at a podium, express yourself with confidence.

Manage your stress.


Discover our bespoke services tailored just for you!

In a world where your time is precious and your schedule is packed, we offer a turnkey solution that’s flexible and customizable to meet your unique needs. You’re the captain of your journey, and we’re here to navigate it with you.

Our programs are meticulously designed to prioritize what matters most to you. Whether it’s refining your wardrobe, enhancing your physical presence, boosting your media profile, or optimizing your virtual image, our services are seamlessly integrated to maximize your impact.

And the best part? You dictate the pace. Once a service is mastered, we seamlessly transition to the next step, ensuring continuous progress towards your goals.

With our tailored approach and expert guidance, unlock your full potential across every facet of your professional journey.

We meet at the office or digitally to prepare for this key moment, for a program ranging from 3 months to a year and corresponding follow-up.

Discover our comprehensive range of services, meticulously crafted to elevate every aspect of your personal and professional presence:


10 possible services

Align your communication with your core values and priorities.
Elevate your personal style and amplify your unique personality.
Gain insight into your strengths through expert body shape analysis.
Define your color palette and craft a distinctive brand identity.
Curate a wardrobe filled with inspiring and impactful looks.
Develop a signature style that reflects both your aesthetic preferences and physical attributes.
Create stunning photos and videos that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.
From attire selection to mastering body language, prepare to shine in every interview scenario.
Cultivate congruent body language that communicates confidence and authenticity, even under stress.
Gain insights into cultural differences and intergenerational requirements to better understand and lead your teams.
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Experience the enriching journey of self-discovery and professional growth with our tailored services.

While you already excel in your profession and domain, unlocking your full potential requires a deeper understanding of yourself.

By partnering, you'll:

Affirm your leadership

Develop your results

Make a lasting first impression

Demonstrate congruence

Save time, money and stress

Own your ideal visual representation

Excel in interviews

Ensure success in key moments

Feel confident and comfortable

Boost your self-confidence and inspire trust around you

carine landau one to one session

Let's embark on this transformative journey together and take meaningful action towards your goals!