Back to the office… with pleasure !

Going back to the office with pleasure is impossible ! Really ? Let’s make it happen ! Together, let’s say bye bye to the Covid. 
Do you feel that it is difficult to get back on your feet ? You don’t know where to start ? Maybe you want to look in the mirror and finally please yourself ? Do you want to rebuild your self-confidence and have back your fulfilling social life ? For sure, you will !

It’s over !

Facts are there. The Covid has left bad habits behind : extra weight, difficulties to accept yourself as you are, a desire to stay at home and see your friends digitally… to finally see no one anymore. This global stressful situation has spared no one.

Do you know the good news ?  

Now it’s your time to think of yourself. Take charge of your social life. Enjoy afterwork dinners. Dazzle with your new look. Heads up, revive your wardrobe and have fun going out. Enjoy your life !

New mindset

You are back from the brink ?

Until now, you were expected in front of your computer. One tee-shirt up and it was done. You could almost stay in pyjama. No one would ever see below your chest-level, so why should it matter ?

First of all, it is scientifically proven that your state of mind has an effect on your performance.

It worths it to make an effort !

Then if getting ready requires few extra minutes, it is good for your moral and mental health.

Dressing up allows you to put yourself in your role. You embody who you are.

Your mood wakes up with yourself… so take it positively !

Commitment and calm

You agree to make an effort but don’t know where to start ? Well, by yourself. Learn about yourself.

Do your clothes reflect this state of mind ?

A little, a lot… not at all ?

Describe yourself in 5 adjectives.

Try on a dressing check session with your Image Consultant. You will sort out and combine. At the end of this session, my clients were talking about “waking up” check – of their conscience, for sure, but – of their look, above all. So reinvent your look. Give a new chance to your clothes.

Chance has no place.

One more thing, give meaning to your clothes.

Their choice supports your message. Know who you’re talking to, where you’re going to and what the intention behind each appointment is. You will adapt your look to these constraints.

You don’t have to start from scratch.

Personal Shopping Paris Francfort Frankfurt Cannes

Refreshing your wardrobe may be necessary by adding new pieces carefully chosen during a shopping time.

Well, think at your daily nerves in front of your wardrobe, at your wallet and at the planet !

"Happiness is a decision you make." Khalid Sbahi

You get it, wearing the right outfit is good for your mood, your creativity and your performance. Your nerves and your banker are saying thank you.
Your wardrobe is supporting you to give the best of yourself.

I am at your side to meet your expectations. Together, let’s add fluidity and fun to your wardrobe… to finally do it in your life and go back to the office with pleasure.

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