What if your outfit could impact your mood ?

The gloomy weather, the general atmosphere drags you down. Why not adding colors to your life ? Well sure but where should you start ? By your outfit of course ! If combining black and white remains a winning combination, you can also do differently. I guarantee you that you will look up again. So, let’s start together !

Black and white, the winning combination

Black conveys elegance and modernity. It can also refers to the desire to be forgotten.

White represents purity, the care given to your person.

In a total black look, you undoubtedly play with the superposition of materials, in different textures and reliefs. You play with this black “which goes with everything”.

This look fits perfectly to your busy day at work, followed by an afterwork or a romantic dinner. It plays the card of elegance.

You know, for sure, the little black dress or the costume that will seduce your date tonight. In the office, it lasted all day. So why should you change ?

Far from a misstep, black and white is a winning combination. There are certainly other possibilities.

Otherwise it is also possible

Dressing is a daily task. You definitely should feel fantastic in.

Beyond dressing you, your outfit sends a message. Which one ? There is no right answer. There is no right or wrong message, just yours. Color will guide your mood. Prefer it in harmony with your agenda of the day.

• Do you want to inspire your employees ? Go for purple. The creativity of this color will encourage them to unleash their artistic spirit.

Adding colors in your wardrobe does not implicate to have them all. So how should you proceed ?

Compose your wardrobe of three main colors. Add your pastel and neutral ones.

Another tip, dare to wear complementary colors. It means yellow for your purple shirt. “I’m going to look like a clown !” Wear them smartly, on accessories for instance. You will make a splash !

• Are you working on a strategic subject ? Navy blue will fit a rigorous day.

• Do you want to energize your team ? Send them energy. They will deploy their potential. Wear orange.

I hear you saying : “This color does not suit me!” I have a good news for you : everyone can wear the full scope of the rainbow… but in your shade.

Still in love with black ? It emphasizes the lucky associated color.

The color, a bright path

Choose your cloth with care thanks to three elements : color, style and morphology.

By imposing your choice of colors, you reveal your style. Wearing colors is an invitation to know you. It supports your vision of things. It reflects your state of mind and says a lot about your personality.

The “details” you wear are as many nuances, subtleties that the experts and attentive persons will be able to spot and interpret.

Finding the colors that suit you is a journey. Dare to reveal who you are. Dare to wear colors. Dare to pimp your life.

How to start ? Look at your navel, for once. Get to know yourself. Know who you really are, what do you want to reveal, accentuate or possibly make forgotten.

Beyond enhancing your strengths, this quest for introspection will allow you to be yourself, to feel confident, balanced, in short, to empower yourself !

"Dream your life in color, it is the secret of hapiness!"

Walt Disney

Colors have their language. I invite you to try, to venture, to risk yourself… in front of your mirror first, then give me a call. This search for the ideal colors is crowned by a guaranteed good-looking effect, by a better assertion of yourself, of your messages, by positive feedback around you.

Tell me your story, your best reason, your anecdote around colors. Dare to light up your lives !

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