Frankfurt Fashion Week 2021

✨ The first Fashion week is in Frankfurt.

❤️️ I choose Frankfurt for its finance industry… to finally turn to fashion because of my heart bleeding for it. I could see one more sign !

⚡ The city is welcoming with such a dynamism the creative fashion scene. Here is an an appetizer of the show. 😍 I am so privileged to be part of this fantastic week, so brightly organised & hosted by Sevinc Yerli & Sofitel Frankfurt.

👏 Congratulations for the shows and conferences, live and digital, honouring, among others, the heroes of tomorrow, the dynamism of the city and of the fashion scene with creativity and use of technologie.

💯 Thank you so much for supporting sustainability and diversity as key perspectives JUMPP, Llobycasts, Perplex, Maurice Martinez, Bgents, Berlin Next Floor, Maree Haute, Kreation Anna und Emma & Linamour.

💡 And you, how are you concretely using fashion ?

You would like to :

✅ Own the right pieces to allow you this great allure ?

✅ Play with your outfit and create new combinations again and again ?

✅ Know straight away every morning what should you wear in 2 minutes ?

✅ Save your time, money and nerves by minimising your impact on the planet ?

🎯 Yes, you can ! I support you & the planet is saying thank you.

🌍 Filmed from the talented Designer of Linamour the so both Frenchy and international brand. Thank you 🙏.

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