The accessory, your personal touch

accessoire homme femme

Accessories are a love story between its owner and the object. Yes, nothing less! Find out why. They say a lot about you. Their choice tells your story. Know how to make them part of your routine. They will make all the difference in your look. Do you think accessories are details ? Think again !

Find your personal touch

Accessories allow to say a lot about you. They enhance an outfit and give panache to a gloomy look. Find the right accessory to transmit your energy through your look.

You tell your story through the choice of your outfit. From vacation, daily life places, bringing back wonderful memories, you wear necklace, pair of shoes or bag that will follow you everywhere. You proudly wear the gift of your lover or of that important and personal moment. We can read your life thanks to the choice of your key pieces. They trace a path until revealing your personality.

You express what matters to you through this detail. Your values, your lifestyle, your priorities are expressed as prints, pieces and possibilities. Once adopted, it will become your inseparable, the one without which you would feel naked.



Tell me what you wear, I will tell you who you are

Whether minimalist or flamboyant, thin or large, colorful, flashy, pastel or neutral, they respect your specificities. Choose them according to your shapes, your skin tone and character. They will enhance your strengths. Know how to place them as a focus point to invite the other person to look at where you have choosen him/her to.

What message do you want to send ? Dressing properly doesn‘t just happen by chance. By instinct, possibly, restricted to the fact that you know yourself really well.

The chosen pieces will speak for you.

  • Are you introverted ? You prefer pastel colors. You like a romantic and arranged lace look.
  • Are you creative and colorful ? You convey your enthusiasm through vibrant colors.
  • Do you have too many flaws? Above all, let’s say that you are not well aware of your strengths ! You don’t know how to show off yourself yet. What if a belt enhanced your height and your appearance ?
  • Do you want to bring out your eyes ? You are absolutely right. Choose a square pocket from the same color as your eyes.
  • You would like to look taller? „Reach the sky” with a vertical look such as buttons, topstitching, a striped shawl in a light and airy material.
  • You like to make your life easy ? The white shirt is for you. Have your essentials ready and combine endlessly.


You understand how your personality is unique and its expression deserves it too.



Your available options

The possibilities are endless, so much by the chosen piece, the shape, the color, the style.

Ladies, be creative. Let yourself be inspired by the following proposals :

  • The shawl, around your neck, on your bag, in your hair
  • The hair jewelry
  • The necklace, long, short, thick, minimalist
  • Eyeglasses and sunny ones
  • The watch
  • The bracelet, thin or cuff
  • The ring
  • Topstitching
  • The badges
  • The brooch on a jacket, a scarf
  • The neck : boat, Claudine, Mao, French, Italian, closed, open
  • Buttons, jacket, blouse, sweater
  • The belt
  • The hemlines
  • The bag, big, small
  • Socks
  • Tights
  • Shoelaces


Gentlemen, rediscover yourself. Dare to find your signature among :

  • The square pocket
  • The shawl, around the neck, on your bag
  • Eyeglasses and sunny ones
  • The watch
  • The bracelet
  • Topstitching
  • The badges
  • The brooch on a jacket, a scarf
  • A Mao collar, French, Italian, closed, open
  • The brooch on a jacket, a scarf
  • The scarf
  • The shawl
  • The hat
  • The cap
  • The bow tie
  • The tie – not to match the pocket square, please !
  • Shirt, jacket, waistcoat buttons
  • Cufflinks
  • Topstitching
  • The belt
  • The hemlines
  • The bag, big, small
  • Socks
  • Shoelaces


And you, which accessories are your favorite ?

Find your style, your signature, your brand. You don’t know where to start or how to assume the richness of your personality ? I support you.

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