Game Night – Let’s spice up compatibility

❤️ “Life is so precious! Live with love, joy, happiness, and abundance.” Debasish

Choose and build properly the steps, environment & lucky persons surrounding
you to build it.

We are supporting you.

Who ? 3 professionals. 3 dedicated women. 3 builders of your well-being. From 3
continents. In 1 evening.

You know them ! Let me remind & introduce you again :
✅ Shan (Susan) Xu : bringing destiny to choose the evidence while finding THE one,
the Partner, the Love of your life
✅ Anne Marie Waelder : allowing the inner feelings of your body to feel fantastic,
heard and answered, in bed, for you, with him, with her
✅ Myself : highlighting your strengths on key occasions in front of your audience &
every single morning in front of your mirror

⚡ What ? We are inviting you to our exclusive game night to play offline. To
discover. To experience. To dare.

Why ? Life is precious. Make the most of it. Choose perfectly every step, every
feeling, every person you give your time to.

Award ? Feel amazing in your life… but also 3 prizes to enjoy our 3
complementary skills.

  • Rules ? Confidentiality & free mood.
  • Where ? In Frankfurt, confidential address
  • When ? On the 26th. November 2021
  •  Let’s meet ! Let‘s spice up your life !


DM Shan (Susan) Xu for booking. Thank you & see you soon !

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