Why did I become a Personal Shopper ?

What’s your job ? I support my clients while doing shopping – among other things. If the approach is simple, every good Personal Shopping session requires preparation. But by the way, why should you call on a Personal Shopper? How does it work ? Will your Personal Shopper choose for you ? How can you be sure that the choice will be yours ? Let me tell you about my approach.

A personalised request

…for a unique and free of mind person. Did you know that your look speaks for you ? It says a lot about your state of mind, about your person, about your lifestyle. Your whole person reveals your story without even saying a word. Have you ever thought about it ? I invite you to choose carefully your outfit. All your information, your eventual secrets will help me to guide you.

. I will be able to direct you with kindness to find the lucky attire that will join your daily life or for a key event. Personal Shopping is based on a very personal approach. In French, we now speak of personalized shopping. It is for everyone. Like a confidant, far from magazines and fashion dictates, your Personal Shopper advises you according to your own tastes.

A moment to relax

The session starts the day of your reservation. You share with me your expectations, your needs, your habits. You tell me about your size, your budget, your existing wardrobe. The products are pre-selected for you. Then, let’s go to the shops. I offer you my selection, without excluding spontaneity. You try. I help you to adjust. I explain you why I chose this piece.

Personal Shopping à Cannes
Personal Shopping Paris Francfort Frankfurt Cannes

You observe your appearance in the mirror. You are wonderful. Do you know that you are your toughest judge ? So you relax. Let’s have a drink. You feel great. Then comes the moment of choice. You pay to finally leave with peace of mind. From head to toe or for a key piece, your session is like you, unique.

A clear target

Choosing a cloth requires to experience love at first sight. I prepare this first date for my clients with passion. The details are not there by chance. The fall of the garment must be perfect. These prints, these buttons, these seams have to be perfect. Their colors, their shapes, their effects must correspond to your personality, your life, your style.

Booking a Personal Shopping session also means reinventing yourself, daring to step out of your comfort zone. I love fashion and play with it. It says so many things. It proofs its engagement. Like you.

Whether it is to fight for a cause that is close to your heart, for a project you have worked so hard on or to represent or support someone to a happy or more dramatic event, you must wear the piece that will make you feel confident.

I like to find the perfect match between clothes and their future owner. You will spend time together, so it has to fit right away !

Do you want to be surprised ? Sure, count on me to recommend new addresses.

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.

Marc Jacobs

Learn about yourself. Relax while daring to step out of your comfort zone. Your need becomes mine. I am pleased to support you, in complete confidentiality, to conquer your own esteem, to establish your position, to meet your ambitions. You dress 365 days a year so choose to do it with pleasure ! And you, have you ever done shopping with a Personal Shopper ?

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