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Invitation - My personal branding

Get people talking about you! Personal Branding is your ally.

You are an expert but you have difficulties to show it? You would like to be noticed but not too much? How can you find the right tone and finally your place?

You know about it:

« Alone we go faster, together we go further.» – African proverb – Katherine & Carine join forces to reveal your potential!

Take a professional Image Consultant and a Web Designer, and you’ll get beautiful joint projects, but most of all, a common observation:

Our respective Clients often need to promote their own image to promote their business in everyday life, on their website and on social networks. 

However, they face difficulties, do not do this so effectively or smart as they could or even don’t dare at all. How can we support them?

Here is the solution!


With our experience, our complementarity and our good understanding (that counts too 😁 ), we propose an interactive workshop on Personal Branding!


Save the date: 3 May 2023 in the heart of Frankfurt for 99€ incl. VAT. Places are limited.

According to your values and in order to achieve your goals, this invitation is for you!

See you on the 3rd of May?


Katherine & Carine

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