Complexes or how to love yourself beyond criticism ?

Being in tune with your body gives you incredible strength. A complex, on the other hand, reduces your self-esteem and thus the energy supporting your busy agenda on a daily basis. Working on your image requires bravour. Count on me to base my advice on your strengths. You are amazing as you are. Together, let’s find YOUR solution. Let’s start with decoding complexes to better get rid of them. What is it ? What form does it take ? Then, let’s turn it into an asset !

What is a complex ?

According to the serious dictionary Le Robert, a complex is defined as follows :

« A set of personal traits, acquired in childhood, endowed with emotional power and generally unconscious. »

Your complexes are personal.

They take the following form : this too round belly, this too small or too generous chest, this scar from an accident or illness, this white hair, this too light or too dark skin.

Start by visualizing your body, from head to toe and to name your defaults… and your strengths.

Have you identified them ?

We will kick them out !

Why are they here ?

The complexes took place like so many painful areas to look at, touch or dress.

The underlying reasons are often found in your childhood or schoolyard. Far from minimizing these traumas, I invite you to put words on these pains to better distance yourself.

On the one hand, in some cultures, looking too thin is synonymous with poverty, while in others it is required. Tanning is recommended for some when others protect themselves from it. What if this white hair was a sign of wisdom ?

On the other hand, the complexes, which you see in the mirror, can be seen differently by someone else. Your partner, for example, appreciate your love handles and your wrinkles.

You might know a colleague dreaming of your porcelain complexion.

The complexes have taken the place that you have allowed them to take. Does it worth it ?

How to love yourself beyond criticism ?

There are as many solutions as problems.

First of all, stop listening to criticism. Batten the hatches to the outside world for a few moments. Also, silence that little voice full of criticism. Refocus on your strengths.

Then congratulate yourself ! Have you achieved to build muscle ? Have you lost a kilogram ? It’s not enough ? This is already a big step.

Think about yourself now and the person you aspire to become. Ultimately, remember what your body went through to get you there. Be thanksful.

Finally, make the best of your specificities. To do this, find the shapes that value your body. Match it with your favorite color. Drive the eye to your assets.

In short, reveal what needs to be according to YOUR own objectives.

« Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin, that’s what really makes you beautiful. » Bobbi Brown

I invite you to celebrate your victories ! Beyond what will be said, of the presumably fair reflection imposed by the magazines, of this small voice loaded with criticism.

Love yourself as you are !

I support you in embodying yourself as you are. And you know what ? Everyone has complexes. Me too. Do you want to know which ones ? Let‘s discuss it whenever you want.

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