Sport: discover your values

I get a special invitation. This was the Levallois-Lyon basketball match, an invitation to the public for a confidential session. We would forget about the discomfort of the seats, the noise, the warmth of the place. Indeed, the idea meets all its expectations around strong and key values ​​for a promising successful professional development.

Basketball team spirit

Making the effort

Effort, this need to work to meet your objectives, constancy, perseverance, motivation are values that have always, personally and professionally, driven my achievements. Nothing happens by chance! Isn‘t it ?

Nothing happens by chance!

Developing a competitive spirit

Satisfaction, progress, victory and therefore the acceptance of defeat create a – healthy – competitive spirit. But what is a victory? When can we allow ourselves to celebrate?

Everyone sets their goals according to their priorities and their good fights.

Celebrate your victory!

Building a team spirit

The team spirit, the richness of discovering others, the acceptance of differences are requirements – or obviousness? – of an inclusive society. But how should you choose your best partners? How do you know how to surround yourself with?

I invite you to look at the values shared by your future colleagues or partners, from their vision to their way of reaching for their goals. My opinion: together everything becomes possible!

Together everything is possible!

Sport is an opportunity to take care of yourself, your mind, your body, to evacuate stress and thus have a healthy mind in a healthy body!

Sport has always been important to me. I did judo and have been awarded my brown belt. I even presented it in the baccalaureate!

These values offered me to surpass myself and bring them live well beyond the mat.

The value of effort, the required self-control, the creativity to find the solution and win the fight, the respect for your own limits and the recognition of victory and strength of the other have ​​pushed me to give the best of myself, to meet my ambitions and to struggle for the causes that mean a lot to me. Thus, today, these values ​​are put at your service.

I support you to make you shine while respecting your values!

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