Personalized Coaching


Personalized coaching: this client loved it! Let me tell you

My client has an incredible profile: international, expert in her field, she has it all. She just doesn’t know it yet. That’s where I come in, at her request. She wants to reposition herself during a transitional period.

What’s ahead?

She will rediscover herself through the analysis of her image, look, style, body shape, colors, ideal photo, and body language. On the quest for the perfect outfit and a body language true to herself, my client embarked on a journey of self-discovery, identifying her strengths and assets. She transformed and now enjoys a routine as if it had always been this way. Nothing can stop her now!

Let me take you through this unique moment, this tailor-made program. Are you ready?

Why should you look for personalized coaching?

My client was laid off. The axe has fallen. The bad news is here. So, what to do? She writes to me. We plan a conversation. She tells me about herself, her situation, her needs. She wants to find her dream job. She wants to assert herself, with impactful body language, and prepare for those crucial meetings, her interviews.

Her background is impressive. She has numerous assets, a successful education and career. Her teams love her… or loved her. Her teams will miss her. Budget cuts have taken their toll. Her job will be sent to another country. After 20 years in the corporate world, she doesn’t quite know where to start. How to sell herself? What does she want to reveal about herself? And ultimately, who is she?

This blow could also be an opportunity to ask the right questions, to impose what she truly wants, to feel in sync with herself. Life is full of surprises. It holds challenges and opportunities for those who are willing to see them. For now, her heart is heavy. My client has to say goodbye to her colleagues. Disappointment, self-questioning, and the ordeal of being let go overnight are taking their toll. Her morale is at its lowest.

Our starting point is her message. I then talk to her about the possibilities, the steps to consider, and the expected outcome. I ask her to commit because we will form a team, dedicated to her success. I prepare a program for her and propose a path suited to her situation. She agrees. Let’s go!

Do you know where we went?

The steps of personal coaching

The first step is to get to know each other during a discovery interview. For this, I ask my client a thousand and one questions. She answers, as honestly as possible. We learn to get to know each other. The more information I have, the better I can project myself with her. I put myself in the shoes of my clients. They confide in me their difficulties, doubts, fears, but also their desires, aspirations, and ambitions. This first meeting allows me to grasp my client’s personality.

Next, we have a colorful step, identifying her colors.

Thanks to her skin, hair, and eye color, we obtain a unique color palette for her.

We add her personality and choose five key colors on which to base the rest of our work.

She will now have her key colors, pastels, and neutrals.

Did you already know? Colours have their own language.

They emphasize the message to be sent. They illuminate her state of mind.

Depending on her choice to wear yellow or black, her mindset is different.

Colors also allow for combining, playing with different harmonies, for herself and for others.

A gradient of blue brings calm and serenity, while a touch of orange brings energy and dynamism.

I support her with weekly challenges where my client sends me her trials for feedback and suggestions.

Then comes the dreaded step: measurements.

The measuring tape reveals her proportions.

We measure the width of her shoulders and hips. Is she an A, V, H, or X as a woman – or an A, V, or H for men? What is the proportion between the upper and lower body?

Based on her measurements and goals, we balance and accentuate her curves.

Styles and basics

Next, I take my pencil. I draw. I imagine, based on her personality, colors, and shapes, her style.

This vision first takes form on paper. I visualize her upcoming outfits.

I prepare a step-by-step guide to introduce her to her ten basics, her next powerful look, and the codes of her firm. I

then immerse myself in the boutiques with the best designs currently available.

My client receives a 100% personalized mood board. She validates, questions, projects herself, doubts also.

Tip from your personal coaching: The 3 laundry piles

With these tools in hand, we look at her wardrobe with new eyes.

Working from the pieces she has chosen and that have accompanied her for years is essential for the planet, her wallet, and her progress.

The references she has liked so far offer stability and grounding. We can’t change everything… at the risk of seeing her revert to her old habits immediately.

We make three piles:

1. the one she loves, cherishes, wears again and again,

2. the one that deserves reflection, with pieces she likes but are no longer quite suitable, her memories, gifts, or forgotten pieces, and finally,

3. the pile to give away, donate, or sell, to make room for herself and do good for others.

She gains visibility.

I think pile 2 is my favorite! You often have treasures, hidden or that you no longer dare to bring out because years have passed.

Your body has matured. The pieces sleep. It’s up to us to bring them back to life!

We combine, reflect… and write a shopping list to revive them, according to her priorities.

Maybe a few accessories, a key piece, a pair of glasses are missing. Depending on her priorities, timing, and budget, we go shopping.

I have spotted the pieces that match her specifications. The session is turnkey, well-organized. All she has to do is try, choose, and… enjoy!

Dressed in her power-look, the body expresses itself. It tells its story, from ease to shyness.

It’s the time to simulate key situations such as an interview, a negotiation, a presentation.

It’s also the opportunity to visit the location of her next key event where she practices in a real situation.

My client identifies her habits, key gestures and signature.

She becomes the master of her communication.

Last key point of your personal coaching: the photo shoot

The final key point: the photo session. Each of us is visible 24/7. The image that presents and represents my client is her virtual business card. I recommend a photo shoot prepared with her outfit, grounding exercises and environment. I advised her on the photographer who would highlight her sparkling eye and match her personality. She then had the pleasure of being herself, simply.

Throughout the journey, I proposed challenges for her to tackle. She can then feel, test, and express. And you, what does your image tell?

The result: she shines!

She shines! She now knows her assets and how to highlight them. The scars are healing.

She accepts her body and reconciles with herself.

I love it when you share with me the compliments you receive, personally addressed with a few words or long, meaningful looks. She saves time every morning. Her routine is clear, fluid. She calms her nerves and saves money by choosing pieces she will definitely wear, truly matching her personality. The planet thanks her!

She indeed revives her current wardrobe and buys with full knowledge. Her wallet invests in safe pieces that will follow her in her future successes.

She exudes confidence and will represent her company with poise and assurance.

In short, she is ready to take on new challenges, secure new clients, and successfully negotiate her salary. Additionally, she shines on stage, completely in her element.

I love talking about evolution to build your revolution, one step at a time. These tools are at your disposal for the rest of your life.

My clients say: “I should have done this a long time ago!”

(all testimonials here)

From the timid prospect of a new challenge to finally taking the risk, I support you in your success. For a new job, a promotion, a new team, a business creation or entity, your challenges become mine.

Tell me, what are your next challenges?

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