Tidy : your wardrobe… and your life ?

Tidy. Troublesome subject ? Actually, an essential topic to save your time, money and nerves. So I met, for you, the expert to organize your home with precision, from the cellar to the attic,  Bea, the Marie Kondo consultant. Regarding clothing, our approach is definitely complementary.

  • Do you need to give clarity to your wardrobe and further ?
  • Is your wardrobe full of treasures but you have nothing to wear ?
  • Is your wardrobe missing some key clothing pieces ?
  • Is it so tough to find the key piece on a daily routine ?

So, I had the chance to test Bea’s method on my own wardrobe. Let’s go !

Why should you tidy up your wardrobe ?

Like it or not, it’s important to find your way around. Tidy. A word that finds all its meaning to open a new page, to start spring on the right foot and to feel great. Let’s talk about love… about your clothes. On a daily basis, you choose your outfit because you love this top, these pants, these shoes. To do this, you have to know where they are. I challenge you. You have nothing to hide in the cellar or in the attic, under the bed or in your wardrobe without anymore knowing it’s there ? Well done ! For those who recognize that tidying up their wardrobe is a necessity, here’s how to get started.

Have a vision. Is your lifestyle demanding ? You do only have two minutes each morning to get dressed ? So, organize and structure your wardrobe to find your ideal outfit and impact at first sight. Know where you intend to go. Are you interested in a capsule wardrobe ? It is possible, but not necessarily requested.

Do you know that the environment, too, will thank you for not buying again what you already own. You will better use your budget. In short, tidying up your wardrobe requires to know your priorities, organize your life and make better use of your resources. Do you like the idea ?

Let’s get started, sure… but where actually ?

We focus on our category : clothes, shoes and accessories. Your closet is an Ali Baba cave. Take out everything you have. Sort. There is the “I like” pile. This one, you keep. There is the “dislike / not anymore appreciated” pile. This one, you give, you throw. There is the “I don’t know” pile. Bea has a solution. “Take all your things in your hands. Let your heart decide, not your head.“ Dare. Give to those in need. Give your clothes a second life.

Then, define a place to store the pile you keep. Prefer to fold your clothes instead of hanging them. Of course, some pieces are better hanged, such as jackets, coats or dresses, due to their fabrics. The goal is to make „pretty packages arranged next to each other“, as said it so nicely by Bea. The long-awaited moment arrives. The how to ?

So close the buttons of your top. Lay flat. Make sure there are no creases. Flatten with your hands. Fold in a third of your top and fold back the sleeve. Same thing on the other side. Cut in half making one of the two halves a slightly larger rectangle. Fold down twice again. You have a small rectangle. To store it, prefer boxes. Shoe boxes will do the trick, before taking the time to choose pretty ones. For the closet, organize long and dark clothes on one side and light and short on the other. Your wardrobe has gained space. Isn‘t it ?

Your tidy wardrobe = your personality revealed ?

I met an amazing woman, a beautiful personality. With care, efficiency and enthusiasm, Bea passes on her expertise, the famous tidy up method from Marie Kondo. Bea and I share many common points as the optimisation of your time to focus on your priorities.

Bea is the tidy expert. I am expert for your first impression. At first glance, impact. But for that, don’t worry for hours on end looking for what to wear, how to match, accessorize and highlight your assets. With Bea’s storage you structure your wardrobe to only have parts that you like.

Then, work on your image by enhancing your strengths and highlighting your personality. After tidying up, comes the right message to send, the creation of your signature, the combination and accessorizing. Wake up your look to say a lot without saying a word, to deploy a communicative energy and, finally, to assume who you are. Impact with efficiency and authenticity !

Thank you very much dear Bea for this demonstration. What a joy to open a tidy wardrobe. You too, do you want to benefit from Bea’s professionalism, pragmatism and kindness ? Find her method on www.madame-tidy.com. Benefit from my services offered for her best clients. An honor. I wish you to take care of your home, of yourselves, of our planet !

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