Your shoes : a trivial topic ? Not so sure !

Shoes are for every taste, for every occasion, for all personalities, for you, for them, for me. Choosing your shoes is sending a message. So, which shoes are you going to wear today ?

Whether you are in love with shoes or not, their choice are not made by chance. Choosing them means a lot about the owner, about your agenda of the day, about the message you want to send. Choosing your shoes means getting organized from the start of the day. You work in home office and you think that shoes do not matter in your outfit ? Whether you choose cocooning slippers or dress shoes, be sure that your choice will determine your performance. Really ? I explain you why, I help you to choose the ideal pair and to wear them properly.

Choose your shoes to embody your role.

Shoes are a passion for some people. For others, they do their job. Wearing shoes allows you to go from point A to B. In fact, you put on your shoes to get out, but not only. Between passion and practicality, shoes express your state of mind. Studies show the importance of clothing in a person’s performance. Psychologists Hajo Adams and Adams Galinsky have conducted studies to prove the influence of your outfit on your performance.

On one hand, the clothes, the accessory, the pair of shoes have a symbolic significance. You will not dress the same way for an interview with a start-up or for an appointment with your banker. The associated symbol is, of course, to be interpreted according to your culture, your values and your education. You will notice that our world tends to standardize and, indeed, the inherent unconscious rules coming with them.

On the other hand, the experience you live with this pair is subject to constraints that you physically feel. You won’t hold yourself the same way in a pump, in a leather dress shoe or in a pair of sneakers.

In short, choosing your shoes support you to fully embody your status, your role. Try it out for a phone call. Wear your favorite pair of shoes… and tell me about it !

Choose your shoes to complete your outfit with perfection.

You think about choosing your shoes according to your need for practicality or aestheticism. You’re not going anywhere without getting your shoes on. Whether you like it or not, the shoes finish your outfit. They are a common red thread in your day.

Depending on your schedule, you will opt for flat and ultra comfortable shoes or you can afford to wear your latest pair, not quite made at your feet yet. Choose your pair to feel fantastic. They will take you far. Enjoy the journey.

Your shoes also offer you to stand out, to be noticed. When you choose your pair of shoes, you say a lot about yourself. You have the freedom to add your personal touch into it. According to your criteria, your need and your tastes. The detail would be what is not noticeable. Your shoes give you a great freedom of creativity.

Match the color of your shoes with the color of your belt, of your watch, of your scarf. Varie colors and types of leather. Think at rhinestones or varnish versions. Have you ever changed the color of your shoelaces ? Dare ! Your shoes allow you to test, to be creative, to be yourself, to feel good. Simply.

Choose your shoes well to wear them all day long and all year round.

On the one hand, choose your shoes carefully.

Take the right size. From one brand to another, your size may change. And just because it was on sale doesn’t mean you had to buy this pair… A size below your comfort size !

Opt for a pair of quality that will keep you going for a long time. Be careful at the seams and finishes that can hurt when you are barefoot. Alternate from one pair to the other.

For a woman, find the heel that suits you, without focusing on the height. Ballerinas, loafers, orsay, sneakers, Bensimon and many other forms exist to vary the pleasures.

On the other hand, walk with pace.

Elegance would be that little thing, that would make all the difference ! Does it require to learn again to walk ? A bit ! Go back to basics. With a heel, lay the heel first. Don’t hesitate to train up and down the stairs. Avoid the cobblestones. Do not look at your feet, however well-heeled they may be, but far ahead of you.

Have confidence in your feet… Actually in yourself !



Shoes are a love story between your feet and your whole person. If your feet hurt, you will hate them. Whether you’re a shoe fan or not, together you will live many adventures ! Find shoe at your feet. Walking is a banal act of everyday life. Invite yourself to the insider court. Walk in shoes that really look like you. From choosing the model to your pace, the path worths it. Get that aura with elegance and style !

I join your journey to support you to walk elegantly. For men and women. You are your best business card. Assume ! Embody ! Book an appointment.

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