How to… feel self-confident ?

Self-confidence is a path. Tomorrow is not waiting. Take charge of your future. Of course, you will build on the way, so you should start right away ! Action will help you to identify this positive spirit, this aura, this ease. Do you have goals ? Do you want to feel good every day ? You’re the boss. You will still be. Surround yourself with the right persons, you will go much faster and farther than alone. You will create opportunities. Don’t let these occasions slip away and impact at first glance ! Here’s how to get started.

The toolbox is full of possibilities. I’ll give you a few tips and tricks. Working on your outfit, reflecting aura and elegance, enhancing your self-esteem are key steps to learn and be able to reveal the best of yourself.

Find the key outfit

Your calendar, your personality, your environment is guiding you. From your gut feeling to the need to meet the requirements of your position, of your status and of your company, there are many clues to choose your outfit. But where should you start on ? Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes ? So it must be full of treasures ? Sort. Organize. Optimize.

Then, make your outfit so personal. Add accessories, a pair of shoes, a bag. Use you colors. Know that your color palette is unique. It must respect your skin, the pigments of your hair, the brightness of your eyes.

Master your style. Who are you ? Your style is a reflection of your personality. Know yourself perfectly. What is your morphology ? What shape will highlight your curves ? In addition to being comfortable, you will shine. Don’t look too much at the stickers – meaning at the size written on it.

Choosing your outfit requires resuming the fundamentals. Start from who you are. Don’t let the chance dictates what to wear. Make a stand ! You’ll empower yourself.

Work on your look

You’ve got the perfect outfit. You feel comfortable in your clothes. You’re in tune with who you are. You don’t have to go to the ball to need to work on your pace. A daily life in the office also requires it. To wear your outfit proudly, you need to look at yourself from a larger perspective. What are you seeing ?

Whether you like sophistication or cleans, your audience will retain your overall look. Assume who you are. Let your body speaks. Your steps guide you with ease. You’re authentic. You can tell. You’re reflecting something. What if you could influence that impression ? Indeed, naturalness and preparation also go hand in hand. Be natural… but up to a certain point.

The unsightly mimics and gestures ? Target them to give to your body more balanced. I invite you to work upstream. For a strategic appointment or for daily ease, use your gestures to serve your performance. Your body supports your arguments. Be careful, your gesture precedes your word. Be open, round. Keep your members close to you. Don’t gesticulate. Stay congruent.

To train alone, look in a mirror. Without speaking. Tell a story. Mime. Do you understand yourself ? A little exercise for a spontaneous, elegant and impactful look !

Establish your self-esteem

You’re in the perfect outfit. You wear it with ease and elegance. You gain self-confidence. Well done ! You establish your presence. Take possession of your body, of your mind, of the global rendering. You are feeling good in your skin, in short in your mind. Say it loudly.

You gain confidence by giving confidence to others. People is giving it back to you. You gain self-esteem. Working on your state of mind is a daily process. Do you know 21 days are needed to change an habit ? Step by step, each effort, put in front of each other pushes you to the next step. Well done !

Turning around is only necessary to see the journey. Look straight ahead, far away. You know yourself. You have mastered the effect you are printing on your interlocutors. Now it’s up to you to chart your course. You have the keys to excel.

Self-esteem comes with this realization that your body belongs to you, expresses so much and reveals its strengths. Nothing is left by chance, certainly, to better impose your style, tell who you really are and shine with authenticity.

I wish you to be interested into these image issues to then allow you to inspire your surrounding circle, your teams, your partners and your customers. The future is yours. Take the opportunity to show yourself in your best light. Give the best impression of yourself. Be sure of yourself. Because opening a well-wrapped gift package always makes the surprise you’re going to find even more interesting, think at the substance and at the form. Feel great from your head to your toes. The adventure has only just begun !

I am looking forward to supporting you to assume your image, to embody it and to deploy all your assets to impact on your daily life and at your key events.

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