Working with an Image Consultant

Taking the opportunity to work with an Image Consultant is going ahead of your future. The experience has definitely proven its worth. Do you want to get involved in this new adventure ?

Get started but think carefully about who you’re going to work with? So make up your own mind. Take ownership of her/ his background. Ask yourself if you recognize yourself in this person. But above all, follow your instincts !

Image Consulting has proven its benefits.

The Image Consulting has proven its effects on your colleagues, your friends, your family. You also want to showcase yourself while respecting who you are. You’re absolutely right! Rely on this opportunity is questioning yourself, daring to ask you the right questions, taking a step back, establishing one’s true personality, redoubling your attention by the outfit you will wear, lending a hand to your pace by mastering your movements. But then, who are you going to work with ? Who can you trust to improve your image while respecting your privacy with a total confidentiality ?

Make up your own mind.

Your Image Consultant is your ally. S/He’s got references. Read the testimonials of her/his clients. Look at what she/he is doing on the canvas. Check for yourself that her/his structure offers seriousness and professionalism. Ask around. Do you know her or him ? Internet will support your search for more information. Learning from the person you want to work with is a standard. When you apply for a job, your future employer would also check your life on the internet. You will see what we are willing to show you. Then dig in. Ask questions. To your entourage, your network, the Consultant who will be happy to answer you. Or not. See for yourself. Follow her/his news. Find out more on her/his website. What kind of service does s/he offer ? How does s/he do it ? Make up your mind. Your own.

Take ownership of her/his background. Do you recognize yourself in this person ?

Working on your image require commitment and time. Can you imagine working with her/him for several weeks ? You must have a clear heart. Check her/his website, her/his profiles. Is the person you discover the person who can accompany you and reveal what is buried in you ? You will have to trust her/him. Revealing yourself starts with confidence and sincere discussions. You will really discover your advisor in session, that’s for sure, but you need to feel it from now on. Does her/his journey speak to you ? Is it getting close to yours ? Will s/he be able to speak the same language as you ? Is her/her environment close to your aspirations ? Does s/he have the expertise you are looking for ? Look at her/his credentials, her/his experiences and her/his background.

Follow your instincts !

The last word will be your intuition. So, follow your feelings. Moving forward with a person is a challenge for many reasons. You reveal your identity. You let this stranger digging into your privacy. Together, you will confirm, work, move forward to feel comfortable with yourself. If you find photos of customers before/after, would you like yours to be spread out like this ? Yes. No. There is no right answer. Follow your intuition. Choose according to your feelings. Let yourself be guided to better conquer who you are. Be firm in your demand. Did you want to go in that direction ? Don’t get caught up in a speech or a huge marketing. Let it come to you. How do you feel? Ready ? Then, make an appointment !

Choosing your advisor is choosing the direction you want to go in.

Your choice is personal based on facts and guided by your instinct. Take advantage of this energy to surpass yourself. You will go far! Be accompanied and guided. Trust yourself ! Finally !

Choosing the right person means choosing success. Know how to surround yourself to go even further. You took the first step : using the Image Consulting. Well done ! Now contact me to exchange and find out the appropriate solution for you need. I wish you a great adventure ! Discover more about me.

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