The elegance

“So chic !” “Wouah !“ Your eyes turn to that person. But how is s/he managing to do it? Achieving elegance requires to work on your image, to embody this almost indefinable subtlety. I will explain you my definition of elegance. I will show you why is it so important and tell you how to embody it.

French elegance is watched from around the world. But what do we mean with elegance ? What’s the point of it ? Can it be learnt ? What if elegance would be your key asset with extreme facility and simplicity ?

What does mean elegance ?

Would elegance be French ? It belongs of course to everyone! Elegance is universal. It takes roots in the reality and everyday life of men and women. It is found in many cultures, in different forms. I will tell you about the myth of elegance that is found in Paris and which is readily available in your life too. If elegance is found in fashion and therefore in the clothes you wear, it demands to be looked at much more globally. It is therefore embodied in your way of being, your know-how, your way of acting, of behaving, of moving. The place where you live, the everyday objects you use are all ways to personify elegance. In the garment, elegance is characterized by fabrics, ornaments, seams, in its finish, in its cut, in the fallen. Beyond choosing your garment, what matters most is how you wear it. French elegance is also the absence of codes, rules, this casualness, this understanding of common sense, precisely, this affirmation of being yourself, to follow only what you have decided. Embodying French elegance is expressing yourself through your dress, your lifestyle choices, your environments. While facing the dictates of trends, the French do not like bling-bling. The “have you seen me?”, no thanks for them! Elegance is therefore based on a state of mind. It is found in audacity, mixtures of colors, materials, breaks in terms of styles. If there are a few rules to master elegance, the first would be that… there is none ! But then, how can you grasp it ?

What is the use of elegance ?

Away from clichés, elegance makes it easy to be yourself. It allows you to differentiate yourself from others, to be unique. In this world where everything is the same, the need for identification becomes stronger. Thus, the Parisian, appears different, unique, casual. Le Parisian is part of this balance between chic and mischievousness. Stand out starts with the state of mind to find yourself in your outfit. Your whole person personifies this difference. Be stylish first for yourself. Express your personality in your looks, in your way of being. Affirm, suggest, without even uttering a word, who you are, really. Your choices determine what you wear, what you convey. So play with fashion ! Use all the subtlety of your personality to say it without speaking! Whatever your personality is, whether you like to say it loud and clear or in a more discreet way, your body has its own language revealing who you are! Elegance is this sincerity, this balance between what you show and what you are inside. Elegance is the result of this adequacy. Keep the attention with this incarnate truth. If you are wrong, the result of the equation will be distorted. Be true ! Be yourself ! You’ll shine !

And in practical terms, how can we show elegance ?

Be in tune. Accept yourself as you are. To do this, wear outfits that enhance you. Know how to respect your shapes, use the colors that suit you, affirm your style. Don’t copy. No one. Trust a professional. An Image Consultant can, indeed, be the solution to allow you to wear only what will flatter you.
Suggest. Say it, halfway through. Your clothes speak for you. They have also their own language! Understand it to better use their subtleties. You can write your message to pass on your T-shirt, but you can also say it through the language of colors, this more or less romantic, strict, glamorous shapes you wear. Let your personality speak! Show your sense of humour. The rules only exist to give you a framework that you definitely have to choose and play with. Master your environment and with it, the context, the codes required. Between these lines, let your creativity speak for itself. Afraid to dare? Start with touches of color, with accessories. What message do you want to get across ? Who are you ? You are much more transparent than you think. You might as well work on your message and match it with your privacy. Want to master the elegant approach of the Parisian ? Practice ! My French Touch modules are designed for this purpose. Be sure that stability comes from inside. For a particular event, a public or daily speech, work on your aura.

If you had to remember only one word about the French elegance, it would be: twist. Don’t follow any rules. Stay yourself. Twist what is settled, modify and use it as you wish and according to your desires. Elegance requires you to feel good about yourself. It offers you this match between personality, creativity and requirements. You will be recognized for who you are. It has its whole place in your daily life. It’s up to you to embody it ! 

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