The Parisian

The Parisian is a mystery of style. It combines originality and simplicity. How does she do it ? What if she would reveal some of her secrets ? This paint is obviously valid for Ladies & Gentleman.

The Parisian

Who’s the Parisian ? Why does she fascinate so much ? Why would we give her the right of the perfect taste ? Do you have to trust her choices ? And after all, is it really for you ?

Who’s the Parisian ?

The Parisian is a complex person, in her world but turned to the others. She lives to go out with friends, family. Today, she suffers particularly from the limitations of her movements, because the Parisian is a free mind. She links simplicity and sophistication in one person. She does not like complicate things. She’s nonchalant and flippant. She personifies tradition and knows the importance of the family. She therefore wears practical clothes, designed in beautiful materials, allowing her to run after time. One outfit a day, whatever her agenda. The Parisian is cool and chic at the same time. How much time does she spend in her bathroom? That’s still her secret. She knows the rules. To better divert them. Would that come from her too strict education ? Since French would have to fit in boxes? So, finally, is she rebelling? Whatever! She wants to stand out. If the X jacket is trendy, she will not follow the troops. She can make it her masterpiece for the season but with her own customisation. Does that mean anything for you? Do you recognize yourself in this profile? A little? Not at all? Part of it?

What’s the Parisian wearing ?

The Parisian loves timeless, practical and elegant pieces.
  • Her black T-shirt
  • Her black jacket
  • Her invincible jeans
  • Her perfecto
  • Her 15 cm heels (or 8 depending on her morphology)
  • But also her ballerinas to run on the subway
  • “The Marinière?” She usually wears it with a twist, i.e. in an open or embroidered sweater, or in a skirt in the form of prints.

Whatever her style and the occasion, the Parisian does not bother with frous-frous. She likes streamline while adding her own touch. Between vintage and modern touches, the details trace her life as her last weekend or her future projects. Indeed, her bracelet was chosen at fleamarket during her last weekend.

  • The piece of cloth wrapped around her bag in the idea of a scarf is actually a test for the curtains of her country house.
  • She wears colored shoes to show her state of mind.
  • Her bag is the last gift from her partner.
  • She wears her grandmother’s jewellery because she is proud of her values, of her past.

How does she live ?

The Parisian takes advantage of Paris but not only. She took with her, that little extra thing. Where she lives, expatriate or living in another region, we notice her. She embodies this art of living. The Parisian is proud of her city. She knows how much Paris is full of treasures. Between its cultural offer, its museums, its must-see places of shopping, gastronomy, the Parisian remains captivated by her city. She likes to find what is not yet known elsewhere. She tasted her first rose jam. Today, the possibilities of online deliveries are numerous and the right (web) addresses flourished and are transmitted but, at the base, the Parisian loves originality. Paris is also tradition, know-how. If the Parisian pretends on not seeing anymore the treasures that surround her, she still, however :

  • enjoys eating her ice cream in Montmartre,
  • stargazing for a romantic rendezvous on the third floor of the Eiffel Tower,
  • strolling on Sundays on the banks of the Seine,
  • choosing her shoes at Galeries Lafayettes where the entire floor is reserved for them.

What if you found everything you were looking for in Paris ? The Parisian has her habits. Would she share them? Not that simple… The Parisian captivates thanks to her style, her look, her charm. She is getting ready every morning to make it last the full day throughout her professional and private appointments. If she adds more for an evening or a particular event, the natural is coming back straight away. The Parisian prides herself on never making properly her hair. It’s simpler. Everything that goes with simplicity and taste, she takes it. She’s finally Madame everyone. Who wouldn’t want to take care of yourselves while always being elegant and make it last the full day ? The Parisian dresses for herself. If other like it, why not ? But that is not the point. It’s classy. This is out of the ordinary. It’s elegant. In short, it’s you and me ! What if the Parisian was mystified ? Maybe you recognize yourself in the Parisian ? What if it was you ? A little, a lot, passionately ?

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