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For both personal and professional reasons, you have gone from one digital meeting to the next one for months. But you still ask yourself the question : how should you present yourself in front of the screen with ease, naturalness and authenticity ? I show you how you can empower yourself while staying who you are and sending the right messages. Through your outfit, your posture and some logistical precisions, make a good impression in front of the screen. Your head might be in the cloud but please keep your feet on Earth and let’s follow the guide.

Here are the 10 key points for an impactful outfit.

1. Efficiency

First of all, why should you dress ? Would a jog do the trick since no one sees you on a daily basis ? Definitely not ! Indeed, the choice of your outfit determines your effectiveness. Hajo Adams and Adams Galinsky, psychologists and scientists, have proven that wearing an outfit that matches your status makes you more effective. The test is simple. Is the white cotton blouse the one of the Doctor or of the Painter’s ? While attending an exam, the participants endorsing the blouse of the Doctor won by far the highest grade. Why that ? They were more concentrated. They endorsed the outfit, as did the lawyer or actor who put on their outfits to fit into their character. You know it: „Clothes make the man”.

2. Conditioning

In addition, your outfit conditions you. The physical constraint of the cloth, of the fabric, puts you in your role. There is no good or bad outfit. Having in mind your schedule will guide you. In a “strict” outfit, your analytical, strategic and synthesis skills will be deployed when a more sportswear outfit is adapted to work on your relationship, your operational and to support your creativity.

3. Colors

Choose your outfit with meaning. Start with your message. What are you willing to show ? The richness of the color of your skin, your eyes and your hair mixed with your personality gives you a unique palette. Use it and combine it with the language of colors. Each color sends a message. The grey will be perfect to get impartial when announcing a controversial message. Do you want to energize your teams ? Go for orange.

4. Contrasts

Don’t let yourself disappear in the decor. To avoid tone on tone, dare to contrast using complementary colors, on the opposite side on the chromatic circle, such as red and green for example but also blue and orange, perfect precisely if you have blue eyes. Indeed, use your assets.

5. Harmony

Master the choice of colors and limit it to three. This avoids the multi-colored side. Your choice for one, two or three colors will create a different effect. A monochrome look, i.e. a single colour, will set the tone for a soft, calm and stable atmosphere, when two complementary colors, meaning in opposition, will express fusion, intensity. The choice of three colours, for example, purple, orange and green, will express an energetic and joyful atmosphere. Also have in mind that light colors plump when dark colors turn off and thus allow to conceal complexes.

6. Morphology

Respect who you are and value your assets by wearing a suitable cut. To do this, know yourself. A little belly to hide ? Use vertical lines. Stitching, button lines and appropriate cuts are your allies. Let your jacket open to give the illusion that there is nothing to see or use a double-ranked jacket with closed buttons to slim your body. If, conversely, you want to add volume, for example on your buttocks, think of pockets, folds or overlays of fabrics.

7. Materials

The choice of the fabrics has a key role. The satin adds volume by reflecting the light when the matte turns off. Natural materials such as cashmere and wool will look more sophisticated than materials such as tweed or jeans. Is the wool wide and tight ? Tight, it will be perfect directly worn on the skin. Do you want to give a “fire-corner” illusion ? Choose a wider knitted wool with large buttons. Layer the materials without tucking your top into your pants. Blurring will make forgotten some curves.

8. Focus

Think of the focus point. Don’t make your interlocutor tired with over-loaded prints. Prefer small patterns that will give the impression of a single pattern or for choosing a large one, place it to attract the eye where you want it to be. A shawl, a clutch, a scarf, buttons, a brooch, jewellery are multiple options. Gentlemen, consider matching your shoes, belt and watch. Ladies, jewellery must match your shapes. If you’re thin and slender, opt for a thin necklace with elongated earrings. If you’re curvy, round earrings and a thick necklace will be perfect.

9. Style

Finding your style allows you to feel comfortable and say a lot about yourself without uttering a word. It’s an opportunity to assert who you are and reveal your personality. Know what type of cloth you like the most. A polo vs. a shirt. A skirt vs. pants. Do you want to stand out or do you prefer to focus on the natural ?

For a quick and efficient choice, Sir, opt for a well-cut shirt and comfortable chino-style pants. Jeans may be too restrictive. Madam, a dress and a pair of earrings will make you ready in 2 minutes, watch in hand. Add the jacket depending on the stakes of your meetings. Play with accessories and find your signature.

10. Codes

So add your own touch while respecting the codes of your environment. The symbol or colour of your society, political party or convictions can be used and worn proudly, if you feel so. Help your interlocutor to focus on your message, guide her/his gaze and unconsciousness. S/He’ll remember you !

Your message is the keystone of building your outfit. Don’t confuse relaxation with laziness but obviously simplify your life. Don’t forget that “less is more.” This applies to your look, from your outfit, including the shoes, to your allure, and routine for shaving or putting on make-up. Dressing up is also an opportunity to play with your look to gain self-confidence. For a personalized support, I am at your side with pragmatism, style and empathy.

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